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So it is not shop based and it is combat based. Youre going to do combat if that was in place or not. It doesnt effect it like it would effect this game.


Some people only buy and sell items in that game. Just like any other MMO, you play it how you like to.

In BL, some people never set up a shop - some only build. That’s cool. Some only like to maintain a shop. That’s cool. Everyone likes diff things.


Exactly. The whole purpose of combat in this game is to get mats and stock your shelves.

Every other MMO is the opposite.


Not true. A lot of MMOs let you decide where to pile on your skill points & how you’d like to play the game.

You can get mats & stock shelves from PVE all day in BL.


That’s cause combat in this game is currently garbage. It’s meaningless to do it outside of mats. There needs more than that for incentives to do it, however, that’s entirely a different thing to discuss.


You were on here last week talking about footfall. So was I.
This will kill footfall even more. Some mega store has it cheap? Well no more visits to any malls, itll cut total footfall by an insane amount. meaning no one will be able to buy in the first place.


Oh my - I was away for 3 hours and it went crazy here. :joy:

I would be really ok with some sort of shop/price/stands listing. It would show which shops have items and which ones are active on longer run. As long as there is no “online” shopping, and we still need to travel on our legs (plus portals) to get to desired stand, we will be ok. Remember than even when you find some great price somewhere, you won’t necessarily make it there before the stand/basket is empty etc. People will still buy wherever they find handy (low enough price and close enough to do it fast). I think so anyway.


Nope. There are plenty of mega shops all over and it hasn’t killed other shops or malls.


I’m asking questions because I’m interested to learn what players might find useful.

I’m attempting to learn something. I don’t assume to know what others are thinking.

IMO giving price context could be interesting. New players especially have no clue if 1c, 10c, 100c, or 1000c is a decent price for an item.


But them not knowing, and venturing out into the game to find the base price is what this game is about. Creates footfall for shop owners, creates social areas to interact with other players. A central listing would hurt a lot of things in the game.


i like this idea… not that i dont mind venturing out searching in shops but it gets too much after awhile and you cant find what youre looking for.


Which is why I said I would be okay with listing the highest prices.

But I don’t want people to know exactly what prices are where and be able to go right to those shops without exploring/searching.

And I also fear price creep. Listing a low price or an average price makes it unlikely we would ever see prices higher or lower than that…or prices would plummet.

I see all of this as just making every shop Vanilla.

BTW, thanks for always coming here to share your thoughts.


This would alter the average prices by artificially showing a higher average price. No bueno.


All of this.


And then this.


How does one NOT find what they are looking for? Several malls, couple market places and a few mega stores with everything in game. This is just being lazy. It is what most MMOs cater to. and then the serious crowd leaves. Every MMOs demise.


The worst that would happen is that prices would slowly go up, which is a very good thing.

The noobs need to go out there, visit 50 shops, learn that their prices are not competitive and adjust.


Most long-living MMOs have some form of this. Hardcore players are familiar with this info. It doesn’t harm the game. It hasn’t killed or hurt the games. Calling people lazy isn’t constructive. There are times when I am not able to find a specific item and I spend hours running around diff markets and cities trying to find it…not lazy.


NO, and i repeat NO other MMO is like this one. They are combat based, It doesnt effect the gameplay whatsoever.


Providing false data would be a huge no-no.