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Again we are talking that apples and oranges come from trees and stating things that are obvious. This has nothing to do with the decision on whether the shop listing solution we are talking about should or should not include prices.

There is no need for a price listing since we have many other ways to share this information across the game. Additionally, it is easier to release a simple thing than a supper complex thing.


The devs stated they took inspiration from other MMOs which is awesome because they all have unique things that people love. A lot of MMOs lean more towards PVE or PVM.


Nothin false about it.


But taking something that a combat game does, will never reflect the same in a game that is shop/portal based.


James is the one that asked.


Only showing the highest avg prices to players, especially new players, will make everyone assume that is the median average price. That is blatantly skewing the data and controlling the market.


Fair he asked that. But we could say that we don’t agree with it and why we shouldn’t do it. That was my suggestion. If you feel we should, that is ok because you are allowed your view. I just personally feel we have other ways to do it and just don’t want a listing with tons of prices everywhere… it just seems overdone.


So, Boundless is just a shop-simulator? I would consider it mostly a PVE Sandbox MMO.


Shop & meteor fighting simulator + a little sims


Think about it though, you own a mall, why would anyone have an outlet in a mall, if their prices from 1 shop is advertised on a list. They wont.


People enjoy interacting with each other…“MMO” so they will always seek out other players and naturally create towns and malls. Who knows how BL would implement a shop finder, item finder, price avg list, etc. I think any extra info would be helpful and make the game more enjoyable.


I would.

But there’s a lot that is left to be desired in general with this game. Nevermind just its economy.


I would prolly leave the game if its put in, Its time the devs could have made more content/fix bugs. Itll just make a few mega stores viable. Kill all footfall to anything outside the mega stores. Just a trickle effect that wont be for the better.


Not at all.

Tallow: 18c or less.

Shopowner: “Hmmm…I think I can get away 15c.”

Shopper: “15c, noice!”

Let them never be sure how good of a deal they are getting. Every additional shop a player walks across looking for a better price is a win for the game.

Even the variable is terrible.

Tallow sells for 13-18c.

Shopowner: “Well, I guess I have to set my prices to 13c to compete.”

Shopper: “Well, I’m not paying 1c above 13c.”

24 hours later and someone lists for 12c.

Shopowner: “Well, I guess I have to set my prices to 12c to compete.”

Shopper: “Well, I’m not paying 1c above 12c.”

Rinse, repeat.


I enjoy building more then anything. But if people arent out looking through shop, no one will get noticed. No new builds will be found outside a few posts on the forum.


That won’t work because…
<playing devil’s advocate> I want to sell my tallow for more so I list some for 2500c just to raise the “high price”. <.end>


Then if the devs added a shop stand or item finder, people will find your shop in the middle of nowhere and run to you to buy that 100c yam so they don’t die.


Which is why we talked earlier about chopping off the very top.

Still, higher prices are far better than lower.


True, but a median average price is more helpful to players than an artificially inflated false one.


Which is why we shouldn’t have a list at all. Anything that even hints at a “low price” does far more damage than good.