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Average price does not equal low price. It means average price.


I disagree with this. Regardless if there is a shop listing of any kind or not is irrelevant. People are going to run around looking at what other people have built. That includes what people have built for a shop and not just cities, ugly gleam towers, towns, malls, villages, windmills on a farm, etc. They will continue to look around because people that have bought this game like to look at the cool stuff people have made. That isn’t going to change and a shop listing wouldn’t end that player behavior.

I think one thing a lot of people would love to have data on is whether or not a shop is active or not. I am sick of walking into mega stores that feel inactive or malls that feel like they have dead shops in them. There’s already plenty of individual portals that branch off portal hubs that give off that inactive and dead look from very early in the game’s release.

Short of removing Warp Augments, Warp Conduits, Portal Conduits, and warping from Sanctum from the game, it’s going to be extremely hard to stop people from exploring things that people have created in the game.

Besides this game needs improvements on all aspects of the gameplay. Not just the economy or craft or building or combat. Everything needs to be improved but that’s also just my personal opinion.


The effect would be the same as what I posted above, it would just take longer. A constant, slow eroding of the price while removing all need to search between shops. The average price would, eventually, meet the lowest and vanilla prices across all shops would be the result.


Not true, never does in any market. There have been times in BL already where someone advertised adv coils for 1500c or so. They are bought up and everything returns to normal. ie: coil prices are currently going back up after the recent drop.


I’ll give my 2c. Big problems I have as a shopper are:

  1. Finding a store that buys/sells the item I’m looking for
  2. Finding a store that buys/sells the item I’m looking for AND has it in stock / has coins in their baskets
  3. Once I do find a store, remembering it the next time I need that item.

I think this would best be solved by:

  1. Have a list for each world of stores with what they sell and location.
  2. Instead of price show quantity in the listing, how many more items they are buying/selling
  3. Let us save stores we like to the Places menu


Surely a better way to give prices context would be for a npc shop or being able to destroy items for a small amount of coin, etc.

Because I’m not sure that any player can put a stable value on coin atm, with all the changes to footfall. And as many pointed out gems have fallen from 1000c to 50c in less than 6 months. Which is a combination of ease of collection and devaluation of coin.

People keep giving rl examples, but forget that the world’s economy is based on the value of fossil fuels. The price of everything changes according to the value/abundance of that. So there is a baseline value everything else works from. Boundless does not have that. It needs it.

I also agree completely that listing prices will discourage players from travelling and seeing what has been created by other players, if everyone just hones in on the cheapest place, there will be less travel to other places.

New players can find out what’s a good price the same way most of us did, by wandering round shops and looking for themselves. I would argue that it’s much easier to do now, with the trend of markets and malls.

If it was something that had to be introduced, then maybe it should only show stores aligned to your main guild, at least that would give guilds a bit more meaning.

Edit: Uh, last sentence sounded a bit harsh, apologies.


All this adds to less activity in the game, and its already not very active feeling. New players that see no activity will think its a dead game, and no new blood to keep the markets going.

Also no traveling, so no creating coin for the game. So no one will have coin. Only way to make it is footfall/traffic.


Price drops on coils and beans and such happened anyway, without an economy screen. Has nothing to do with that. It’s affected by other variables in the game such as the regen being tweaked to handle the large number or players, and then having the large number of players disappear creating and overabundance of resources and not enough players to consume them all. Also with the number of forged tools in the game, you’re having more people gathering insane quantities of resources. The excess quantity of resources affected those markets


If people can find your store/items easily, you will get coin from sales & footfall. Win/win. New players won’t get so frustrated and leave before they’ve really dug into the game (pun intended). A lot of complaints on the forums are about people unable to find active shop stands or items.


No NPCs!



So you want a list that will cater to just a few shops, so they still cant find the other shops. Doesnt make any sense.


Where did I say that? It will help find any shop, anywhere.


But we don’t want players just going to a shop, we want them searching through multiple shops to find what they want.


They will always do both. There will be impulse buys from foot traffic and there will be ppl coming to your shop from the free GPS locator (or however it’s added).


So you want to magnify the effect by giving them a screen, so instead of a small decline, it can hit rock bottom super fast. Still makes no sense, quite a few of the peoples arguments on here are that it is already happening. But this would just make it way quicker, on top of no footfall but the shops that can sell things crazy cheap. You are taking the money in the form of footfall out of the players and spenders in the game. Less money = less people can spend. 2-3 months in, every item is 1-10c and the general player base will have no coin.


Showing the variation of price over a period of time would be helpful to let people know they are not getting ripped in the pants.

Prices aside, just knowing where you can go to get something would be a million times better than today. If it shows you 10 places on a planet, then you can shop those 10 places and pick where you want to buy, to the point.

Some people like running around from shop to shop for hours to find an item that nobody is selling/buying. I find it a giant waste of time and as such would save time if I just went and got the items myself. After a few times of spending way to much time finding something, I decide never to shop and only do by happenstance.

I think #2 is a great compromise that helps guide someone to find what they are looking for, and keeps the footfall thing mostly intact while also encouraging exploration and moving from place to place.

Even though I want to create a tool to do exactly #3, I think it should be an option but exposing the data to the community in a way it can be consumed in an automated fashion might help make it the exception and not the rule. I think there a lots of folks who’d like to go so far as inventory their shops and track trends. But I also understand how #3 could detract from the experience. So I think a very non-specific implementation of option #1 with a very specific option #2 (with #4) is a very healthy compromise that could boost the will to shop instead of just going out and getting it yourself all the time.

Like I said, it’s all about reducing wasted time. People walk away with a bad taste if they set out for a goal and spend loads of time to come home empty handed. It’s a strong driver for people to avoid repeating that task.


But not many shops will want to sell things for rock bottom. hence they get no footfall because everyone knows now they are 5c higher. Itll cater to a few shops that have the item dirt cheap


Quite the opposite will happen. The easier you make it for ppl to find your shop and your items, the more sales you’ll make.

Convenience earns coin. There are times that I’ve forgotten my atlas so I will spend whatever the nearest seller has one for…even if I know I can find it cheaper. A lot of ppl do this. I’ve seen ppl buy stuff that they forgot to bring on hunts. Some ppl don’t leave their town…even if there are cheaper prices elsewhere. It will be ok.


I don’t see it hitting rock bottom if something is implemented.
There are only so many resources on each planet. It takes time to get each resource, and then to craft it or not. There are resources in varying rarities than others.
Players have to step into your shop and physically buy the item, so you are still getting footfall.


your list will stop people stepping into your store, unless you have the item cheaper