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There are already shops that sell things for way less than others. It hasn’t caused everyone to match their prices


Not true. There are shops that sell things everyday and are priced higher than their neighbors.


thats because most dont know about it. If there was a chart saying they selling for that, then it would make a difference


There are threads advertising prices, and most players haven’t matched them


Less people also = less money in the game. Happens time and time again when people get frustrated because of declining shops in when they waste their time running in and out of portals to shops that don’t have what they need


Most the player base dont look at the forums


It will help create a strong, stable, healthy economy because right now it’s all over the place. There will always be people that can make or sell an item lower than your prices. There will always be people that sell items for more than your price.


Most players don’t visit the message board or other sites.


We don’t want stable. Stable is boring.


Create a strong economy? How You are telling people that so and so has it for 5c, so most wont even attempt to farm it anymore. It creates a horrible economy. one that everyone 1cs everything until its all worthless.




Just cause a shop is undercutting another shop, doesn’t mean that the one doing the undercutting is going to be pricing like that all the time if they can’t sustain it. Even if that information is public and visible to everyone.

Cause if you’re selling Sackcloth for 5c and it normally is around 30c, you bet I am gonna buy out all of your stupid cheap Sackcloth. If you can’t continue to keep the inventory of that item in stock all the time then you really aren’t competition. You’re basically my supplier for Sackcloth in addition to any Fibrous Leaf I get from a request basket to craft into Sackcloth.

Competition between shops would be a lot more intense. That’s a good thing. At least to me it is.

It will whether you want it to or not. It’s kind of how economies work. Particularly free market ones. It will happen whether we have a shop listing or not too.


Back on release when there was a much larger number of players, I would agree that most players don’t look at the message boards, However, out of the playerbase that remains, I would say a large portion do look at either forum, or more commonly the discord server. Especially when it comes time to them looking for specific items. The remaining player base is mostly made of up of dedicated boundless folks who use the community tools for communication like the forum and/or discord


That won’t happen. If someone starts selling iron hammers for 5c, I’m not going to sell mine for that bc it has more value to me, as with most ppl. Same with other items. If I were to sell them for 5c I would just be taking coin from myself and harming myself. Not logical.


You may not want to sell at 5c with them, you dont have to. But you know where the buyer and footfall is going? to him.


And since he’s harming himself financially, how long can he maintain that? People will buy up his stock and that’s that.


Not if he plays all day and a byproduct of what he is farming, and has a huge number stored up. It would actually be making him money.


Then I will sell gold hammers. :sunglasses: You can’t give away all items for the life of the game.


I definitely am not going to sell forged equipment for 1c :laughing:


and a lot of people could, at crazy cheap. and itll shut out the ones actually making to generate money for themselves.