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And if they were going to do that, they could already do it.


half the player base wont have coin, so no one will be buying the forged stuf anyways


See above.


wont be in circles, just straight down


You want more people to find your shop & items, you want more FF, you want more coin…if the game adds a mechanic to help you… = winning.


I think the only thing they should add is sales percentages like prestige. Lets say your store sells most for the week there is a chart on that planet like settlements and prestige, This way a player can look and see active stores with zero info other than it sells in the top say 50. My biggest problem as a noob was going to shops that werent really even shops you go through a portal and it had like 2 stands. This would alleviate this yet not be an auction house and would make both sides here meet in the middle.


I have the best idea ever. They ignore this entire thread and concentrate on pants.


who needs pants my boys need to breathe lol


…and kilts.


only way to win is drop price. Again the decline will happen.

I would rather them take this time and fix the hundred of bugs, add content and put a leash on the chat filter.


You can’t win in a sandbox. Some people do just fine with nice shops that draw ppl in and their prices are much higher than most.

I 100% agree with more content :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


which one is it? :stuck_out_tongue:


Winning does not equal has won (right?) :sunglasses:


I have no clue after all this lol


:smile::smile::smile: sames


I didn’t read previous posts yet (sorry, there’s a lot of 'em) but from what I understand of the suggestion, I can see a couple of problems.

First of all, it might be too much data for anyone to really end up using, so if everything (individual price instead of a world price range, for example) were to be shown, with individual entries for each basket / shop stand, then it would need a heck of a lot of filtering options.

Second, it would need an opt in / opt out mechanic, and players would need to be conscientious of actually bothering to use it. For example, I often use a bunch of shop stands in my base for mass storage and I price the things with ridiculous prices so that no one buys by accident, so that I can visually see what’s in each shop stand without having to open it.

For this type of situation opting out of the metrics / listings would be helpful.

Third, I’m sure people would rather be given coordinates for the cheapest shop stands / better paying baskets. Does that align with the developers’ vision for the game? In case it doesn’t, perhaps statistics would be better than specifics.

“Item X sold for the median price of X this month in this world, with Y total units sold, and was bought with a median price of A in this world, with B total units bought.” - this could perhaps even go in the knowledge tab instead of making a whole new UI for it.

I think median is more interesting than average but I guess either might work, as long as it only counts the actual sales / purchases within the last 30 days, instead of every listing made, if that makes sense.

Making a browseable list of every single listing in the world might be… way too much data to sift thru, particularly with people using shop stands for storage, like myself.


That’s not how any of this works


This is probably the most ridiculous string of arguments I have seen on this forum.

I am on the pro list side, with prices, per world. I think it would attract those who do not want to struggle for everything in game. Catering to more than the hardcore is a good thing as the hardcore will always be a small community.

I personally like the struggle of the game, and I started at PS4 EA. I do not build - my outpost is a half finished mess. I do not own a shop because the market is oversaturated with them already. I have maybe bought 5 items from shop stand in total and sold even less. However, I tend to roam through shops and builds that catch my eye. I actually do not fit any of the player molds listed and this is my go to game.

Edit: for those that argue the hardcore somehow financially support a game enough to keep it profitable, the monthly add-on purchases made by the 200/300/400 hardcore likely isn’t even enough to pay for the utilities let alone employee wages. This game will only grow by attracting new players.


James mega store and prices for universe
Item, price, quantity, location


In my mind, the real important infos are, is the shop stocked, and what and how much do they sell/buy, and where is the individual beacon that has these trades located. Location of course would be cool for the user AND shopowner if it was displayed by the beacons name with the option to track the beacon on the compas.

prices are intersting, though might be better not shown? iam not sure about that and its effects. (if it was for me alone i would want the prices of course xD)