World Regen & More

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So I have some questions I want addressed as they’re not completely clear to me and I haven’t been able to find any discussion about them.

  • World Regen, whats going on with this?

So everything regenerates itself unless you place plots. Okay so this is cool, but it also sucks a lot… For instance, mines… it doesn’t make any sense for minerals and precious ores to regenerate. So whats going on with this mechanic? I would like to know if this aspect is still in development.

  • Trees

Please add physics, something that will allow trees to completely fall the the ground with their respective items when you chop them up. I understand you can use a grappling hook to get everything. Lets be real though, I don’t want to spend hours chopping down trees. On the same subject of world regen, I sort of get why you’d want these trees to regenerate, personally I’m a big fan of trees.

  • Farming

So this is an interesting situation… if you were to add farm-able trees and other plants… I’m assuming this would have to be on our own plots?

My thoughts so far…

So right now I feel like the whole world regen and plot claiming is a necessary evil to prevent griefing and other potential hazards. At the same time it completely kills my immersion which really sucks. I’m hoping someone could give me a better detailed outline of this mechanic and let me know whether its staying, still in development or just a placeholder for things to come.

They will regenerate in “near” area. The won’t regenerate at the exact location.

The world regeneration should ensure that every player can see the worlds in a “natural” way and without too much pollution. Imagine if nothing regenerates that at some day all resources are collected and all landscapes are destroyed. This won’t be a pleasant experience for all of us players.

If I remember correctly, this won’t happen. The world regeneration is a “placeholder” for a real physic system because “floating” trees will regenerate instead of collapse. I assume that world regen will not be replaced for a VERY long time.

This was suggested long time ago as the “livestock” was introduced but AFAIK it’s a beyond 1.0 feature (if it will be implemented)

This is true. There are also other artificial limitations because of this like that you are not able to place beacons “above” other players beacons.


Yup, everything regenerate… beacons save your things from regenerating. Minerals / Ores / Gem etc regenerate separately and are customisable per world/biome, so things can be more finely balanced as the game goes on.

I can see the reasoning behind your point here… but if you add physics to trees to make them fall down - you negate the wear on tools, by just hitting one tree block and gaining a whole tree. If you want real-world immersion… we’d have no floating land masses either! Trees also need to regenerate so that when people go around and only knock the trunk out of a tree, you’re not stuck with loads of floating leaves or other bits of wood.

Farming will be at some indeterminable time after release of v1.0

Correct … MMO sandbox, loads of players, destroyable terrain… makes a lot of sense to be able to protect what you make so that when you come back the next day (week, fortnight, month … whatever), your buildings are actually still there and you can carry on playing the game!

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They will regenerate in “near” area. The won’t regenerate at the exact location.

Not sure I like this concept, perhaps if it were more onerous to find these it would make things more interesting. I am a little concerned about player/economic competition and supplydemand.

Making minerals limited would make a ridiculous economy though, as we would have an ever dwindling supply of resources spread over an ever larger area.

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So I never meant to imply simply hitting a tree once would make it fall. Maybe remove x blocks from very bottom and it would fall. This still would wear and tear your tools. As far as I’ve seen you go through tools really fast. Pretty sure they all have same degrade rate which sucks… there’s almost little point in making better tools despite the blocks you can get with them.

You can’t have a successful player economy without extremes like these. That is what made other games like Star Wars Galaxies really good and other alike.

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True enough, but there is still some balancing and polish to come, based on the player metrics and feedback that has been collected over the past couple of months.

Sure limiting the amount of minerals will create a stronger economy but making resources finite will probably cause hyperinflation.

If no resources regenerates, it will slowly get harder and harder to find new materials and as the player base grows the demand will rise. this will not create a stable economy but one that slowly becomes more and more unforgiving to new players.


Not sure this information will be “really” useful at all. There is currently (except fun) no reason to trade at the moment. A lot of items are donations or gifts (i gave away a lot of items [e.g. tech components]). A “real” metric for release need to be created once the game is “closer” to 1.0 and with a lot more of players.

True that.

Remember that all items “break” and therefore they and the resources need to create them vanish forever. It’s not possible to keep the economy stable under this circumstances. Otherwise, we would need something like “recycling” but this should use items too and so on … creating a loop where at some point (as @Thorbjorn42gbf said) inflation is the result.

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This isn’t in relation to economics … it was regarding durability of tools :wink:

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so let me get this strait, Currently if i dig some bad ass mine it will just fill itself in over time?

Yes, this will “start” within 24 hours normally.

Well that depends. If you use plots which are 8 x 8 x 8 and you use a few of the 100’s of plots collected in game to protect your work, then the answer is no.

@Thailen I felt the same way with a lot of these points raised when they originally made all these changes and most of them left me quite frustrated. What I found after spending significant time in game and giving it a chance is that over all it was much better.

Now it’s the other way around, if I had to go back to the early days I’d be frustrated all over again. So my advise would be give it a few more weeks, try it out and then see how you feel about it.


My suggestion towards world regeneration was or is, that gathered ressources don’t respawn in an instant (for example at 4am on the corresponding servers) and not in a blink from one second to the other. The idea was, for soil to respawn with this portal effect, sized down to one block. If a block respawns it could go along with a ambient sound. It is difficult to say the regen process should not be in the same order as the ressources have been removed. If the blocks respawn in a random procedure, it could be they start respawning in mid air first. With the result that the surrounding landscape could turn out too voxeled - with too many missing elements of a landscape for a too long amount of time

yes unless you or any other player visit there before 24h or what ever the time will be. (every time someone plays on that area the regenerate timer will stop and after you leave or log out it will start from 0 again so basically if you visit there daily before 24hours fills up you don’t even have to place plots to keep it as it is).

[quote=“Miige, post:17, topic:5636”]
yes unless you or any other player visit there before 24h or what ever the time will be. (every time someone plays on that area the regenerate timer will stop and after you leave or log out it will start from 0 again so basically if you visit there daily before 24hours fills up you don’t even have to place plots to keep it as it is).
[/quote]thats fair i suppose

I kind of stopped reading past a certain point… but I’ve had some time to play the game a lot and experience the world regeneration.

I really thing its bad. Early I said it was a necessary evil. I still stand by it. So here is my solution…

Uncommon and rare resources shouldn’t re-spawn anywhere nearby. Others have said this wouldn’t work because the worlds are really big. EASY SOLUTION! Add prospecting as a skill that allows you to search for ore within a x,x,x,x radius.

Seriously though… world regen is just ugh I can’t even describe it.

Please explain your problems with it. Stating you cannot explain it is shooting your contribution in the foot. I will formulate my opinions on this thread once I have read through what people have posted and draw some conclusions.