WorldBuilder Works In-Progress Showoff

I’d like to start a topic on WorldBuilder creations in-progress, or somewhat complete and waiting for the mod to allow us to local playtest. I’ll start with a world I threw together this afternoon. This world is a bit mountainous with some flatlands in the Voronoi style. I also wanted to feature an extensive cave system a mining guild could use to build a massive city underground. This has a bit too much water for my liking, I think I may add another biome of relatively flat islands to fill in that open space.

C’mon mod! I want to be able to play-test these!


I’ve never actually tried the World Builder. I know the basics, but maybe you could shed some light on it.

So when you build a world you’re able to playtest it later? Can this world you created be implemented and be playable for everyone along with existing worlds? That would definitely be cool.

upd. just entered the World Builder for the first time and I have to say, I understood NOTHING. Like, at all. How do you do that :open_mouth:

Was thinking about upping my steam purchase to world builder. But I was also debating on backing OORT directly for the 99 tier.
This is pretty neat though. I love the idea of floating islands. :heart_eyes:

[quote=“Lilem, post:2, topic:2636, full:true”]
So when you build a world you’re able to playtest it later?[/quote]

Not currently, but that is coming in the next major patch:

I find the WorldBuilder tool currently pretty intuitive to use (once you understand how the Generator interprets the world configs - biome selection, what types of noise are best for distribution vs. depth, etc.). There are a few things that need to be tweaked and added, etc. (I would love a different lighting model in 3D visualizations, copy/paste of elements for the Mac version, etc.) but for a pre-alpha build, this tool is awesome! Here’s another unfinished world I made a while back featuring hills and farm lands:

With the next update we should be able to jump from the WorldBuilder directly into the world we’re building to play test. That will allow me to finish some of these worlds and maybe actually submit one as an online world for others to play in.

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Thats a nice field. So they’d just take this world map and create chunks from it using the same parameters that you set up as players wonder across it?
Getting a bit into the dev side of things, but I’m curious on how the world generates after this little seed.

Yeah me too. :slight_smile: I think that’s how it works. In the “final world” visualization you can increase the render size and see how the parameters you’ve set up will repeat. But play testing the world would be a ton more informative.

You can also move around the slice of the world that you’re rendering by adjusting offset-x, offset-y in the top left (when it’s not bugging out - try toggling auto render)

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Oh right, I saw that but haven’t tried it much. I need to give that a shot. I wonder if when play testing worlds we will be able to fly in order to survey the world more quickly. That would be helpful.

That’s the thing I don’t understand at ALL. I’m usually the intuitive type and get a hand of things quickly, but the WorldBuilder is not the case — there’s just so much stuff, so much options, and I don’t know what each of these does, and I get frustrated and quit :blush:

@Squidgy has a good series of videos on YouTube about using WorldBuilder. I started with those and then experimented a ton. Sometimes I think I could take a crack at making a video about how I approach using the tool - something that goes into depth in a few areas I found troubling at first. Maybe I’ll try something soon.


Ooh, I didn’t know that. Thanks, I’ll check his channel!

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Did you find out how deep water areas can be?
Maybe I already asked this question before, I’m not sure. I had been thinking about a water based race or swimsuits for land races. Or diving in general.

Technically, you could make a world that is literally all water. So… 256 blocks deep?


Thanks! You made swimming islands there :))

Maybe if you could make a world all water, but with rock formations ‘floating’ with caves which contain air etc? would be cool

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I should try! - I think I have not enough RAM for the editor. Right now I don’t play Oort much unf.

I’ve seen your underwater build here in the forum :blush:
Your idea sounds difficult. But also just a guess because there are so many options for all kind of aspects in the editor, so one “just” does need to know how to find and operate them.
Basically my comp. is not the fastest and I always have been a fan of games run fluently.

I can add caves to this and make the islands a bit deeper and more interesting. I will work in that and post something later today.


I made a drawing for an underwater settlement. With a sparhead shaped island or volcano type island as a basis.


Such a world for an aquatic race or with playermade underwater air bubbles (glass domes!!!) would be soooooo wonderful :blush: