Worst year one achievement/moment? (Flip side of the proudest)

Using shop stands for storage in the workshop and setting refined amethyst to 555 instead of 5555 and someone came and bought them!

Then they went upstairs to the superstore and sold them back to me for a profit


Ouch! That’s a sore one!

oof the Dzassak market is one i can sympythize with…i built my crafting base on that planet but im already working out a plan to remove the base and build it within my new project in beckon. although dzassak is pretty for a planet its just too far out of my way compared to the rest of my projects locations.

that would be my mistakes: building in super rad knowing that the owner previously quit super rad before.
now its an empty thing i only visit to craft. I probably should do that moving thing before hubbit has the idea to move their hub too.

I warped to an exo world (excited and rushing to get to it) and …didn’t have ANYTHING in my inventory for tools or grapples.

no problem

Warp home…got distracted…went back to exo world quick.

Hadn’t grabbed any of my stuff -_-

I just left…at that point, it was clear it was not meant to be lol.


it was fun man no problem

Id be sad just thinking about what they mustve thought of you when doing this :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:.

I started typing out my worst moment in the last year, but the wounds are still fresh, so I deleted it and decided to write this instead. I’m sure most of you can figure it out.

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Well I don’t have too many bad moments. But one time my friend needed some healing bombs so I gave him some. And he proceeded to heal himself immediately. Drops 2 bombs. And boom. Giant hole in the middle of town. I didn’t give him healing bombs. I gave him forge exploding bombs. Whoops. :man_shrugging: My bad.


That’s an honest “mistake” :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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