WS: you should make this the free PS4 game of the month. You’d save the game


The difference being Rocket League started off free. The best free game I’ve ever played, hands down. I’ve played RL since it started over three years ago on PS4. I’ve played thousands and thousands of matches. Ive spent a whopping $6 on keys in over three years.

I’ll be hard pressed to find that kind of value in a game ever again.


This is actually a really good idea. I am a PS4 player and never would have tried/heard of half the games that are free on PS+. This should be done at a good time (ie. Christmas) when more people are hanging around the house, and can spend time playing instead of working or life things.


Yes, free on PS+ helped rocket league become famous and made the devs rich beyond their wildest dreams.

Karo, cmon, we have all seen the economy collapse this week. Best if WS gets ahead of the curve BEFORE there’s only 9 players left lol. I know many players who are pretty much taking a break for a week or two, to see what happens first. Partly due to server reset making gems plentiful AF, but more due to shrinking player base IMO. There have been prior gem resets that didn’t tank the economy.


RL micros are better than continued gleam club BS IMO. First it’s sign text colors, next thing you know you need gleam club to craft or place holiday items like pumpkins, then they release a rounding chisel only usable by gleam club members, then gem types and planets exclusive to gleam club members. I don’t trust them.

Gleam club increasingly makes me feel like I’m a f2p user despite having paid full price for a beta game.


I’ll just leave this here…

Being constantly negative without providing a sound solution through experience from actually playing the game doesn’t foster good discussion or feedback for the developers.

The one thing that will get me to play this game more is if there’s more content to play. That’s straight up what I feel is a big contributing factor to why the game seems to either be losing players or the player base is stagnate.

Right now the only content that’s in the game is meteor hunts, hitting level 50, running a shop (100% optional), and building stuff. This is all great for a sandbox game but without actual content that gets players to want to break up their play sessions across a variety of different things then people are going to just log in for 10 seconds to fuel a beacon or two and then log out. Cause once you’ve done all that and had your taste of what the game currently offers, there isn’t much else to do.

Just some thoughts that could be contributing to the perceived player decline.

I wouldn’t resort to gimmicks too much if the experience a player gets is sub-par compared to what it could be months from now. Patience is in order for these sorts of things. Just gotta give it some time but staying positive in the mean while is pretty important cause that also fosters a great image for any prospecting new players.

Again, just some thoughts. So… :man_shrugging:


Agree, not a lot to do at max level besides help noobs (or prestige stack, but I’d rather give noobs nice tools for free randomly than make a giant chiseled gleam tower-stack for prestige)


@Honorless Reportedly WS financials are terrible, hence them rushing the gleam club sign update to desperately try to get a few more gleam club members. Sad if true. I really hope they stay afloat. I do think being the free PS+ game would make them rich and help w their cash flow issues.


Can you provide a source to this claim?


No just rumors, but heard it from multiple sources.

It would make sense: gleam club changes; they don’t seem to be hiring new developers; playerbase appears to be contracting. They also picked up SquareEnix last second after years of being independent, presumably for a cash infusion. They certainly didn’t pick up SquareEnix for awesome advertising for the game haha. And the game seemed rushed to launch, again, possibly due to cash flow issues, needing to get to market by a certain date due to cash flow not due to being ready to release.


Their fist mistake was to call the current state a “release”, even though a lot of features are missing.


They were forced to release early.


I honestly believe that this game was released 2 years before it should have been considering the pace in which actual content updates are coming out. Even though an update is suppose to happen every 2 weeks, it’s mostly been bug fixes and balance patches rather than content. So the ratio of content releases to bug fixes is way off.

I would have loved if this game was still in Beta but a little more effort was given to growing the testing team to get better quality data coming in.

Just more thoughts. I still have hopes for the game. Right now there are a lot of other games that are over shadowing it for my gaming attention. Fallout 76, Pathfinder: Kingmaker, D&D 5e, Rimworld, etc.

Still have a lot of respect for game developers who try and do right by their players. @james and the team have a difficult job.

I still owe them all a beer or two. :+1::beers:


Yeah, ditto. Props to a good game, has potential and I hope it gets fixed, and I’d def buy them some beers, but the longer they take, the more I play fallout and rdr and cod and bf5 and the less I play boundless. I know many others who feel the same. If they had branded this release as a beta I would have bought it but been more forgiving of the fact that it’s clearly still a prerelease.


Were they? By who, Sony, or SE?


I think he means forced by economics = bank accounts empty, needed to start making sales.


Sales are stagnant now though, do they think they can release a content update big enough to get back players, and get new ones? It feels like they’re going to either have to shut down the game in a couple years, or sell their soul to the devil.


Minecraft followed the same model, and didn’t explode on release. It was a slow burner for quite a while.


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déjà vu uuuuuuuu!