[WTB] Bright mustard and bright yellow gleam

I want to buy bright mustard (140) and bright yellow (142).

I buy them for 200. 10000 in each basket.

You can find the shop in Auridon.
Portals are in AluTech, Coinland or Pyrrs new building.


you can post the number of the color instead of the name :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks :smiley:

Those are Bright mustard and bright yellow :smiley:

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super, i will change it :smiley:

I’m looking for luminous violet gleam (trade or buy)

the Only time ps4 players see the color number is when someone sets a request basket to a certain color or when we are changing the color of our character/wearables. So it’s always best to do both or just the color name imo.

I’m order for us to figure out what the number is we have to look it up on the forums or written down list or scroll thru character colors. It’s a real pain.

If a basket doesn’t say what color they are buying I don’t sell to them because of the added work :sweat_smile:

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Have you looked at luminous yellow? Its nice.

The name is visable on any platform the number only on pc or in a basket.

Better is both then.

Not yet. I look for something with more or less gold color :slight_smile:

Look into the sepias

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Bright sepia is a good goldish color


I will look for the sepias :smiley: thanks for the tip

I changed the buy price from 200 to 250. I want this colors too.


Price now:

Baskets have 15.000