WTB Dark Grey Brick


Want to buy dark gray brick reply, message here, or discord me with prices. Discord alicc#9241


I’ve got some dark grey igneous brick for sale at 10c each. Not sure on stock levels, but can cook up some later today if there isn’t enough there.

Details on the shop here:


Need brick i have alot of stone already i just work 16 hours a day and dont have time to farm the stuff to make brick atm, thanks tho :blush:

Edit: didnt see the first part of that message ill go check it out thanks man


I have dark grey bricks. How many are you after?
23c each, which is a lot but you know how much time they take.if you want a high number, we can negotiate.


Thanks i ended up buying bricks from the other guy for 10c each :blush: appreciate the offer tho