WTB Igneous and Metamorphic brick

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Looking to buy some Brick to use as a nice floor in the continued expansion in my home. Currently using some shoddy looking metamorphic rock as a floor and it’s not visually appealing.

Let me know if you have any offers!

What color
I would if I could but don’t have the soil

For igneous id like it to be dark grey

K was just asking so others wouldn’t get confused

Any idea of the amount you want? I have 111 dark grey igneous brick lying around, but that isn’t enough for much.

I have 2387 Dark Grey Meta sitting around you can have just chisel change it to ign

I can chisel for you free

hey there, i have several brick types (gray variants) for sale, pm ingame @elapsed

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Lol ik you

hey fuzzy, ik you too :no_mouth:

Stalker :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I have a stack of mixed bricks in a few stands for 2c ea on arie that I’m trying to get rid of. There were a number dark grey/black and other dark meta bricks dumped in there last week

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I can check have loads and loads of dark gray… (from my AntarVI days)… any idea on other colors of just dark gray?

Have to add won’t be on for at least 8 hours tough… (getting ready to nappy nap :wink:)

So the list :wink:
Ive got
8k meta brick (transform 1 hit to ing)
1k ing brick
27k sed brick (can say bye to part of it)

If you really want ing and not do the transformation work

I also have
4k ing rock
2-3k ing stone

If you don’t mind the work
Still have 104k meta rock in storage

All dark grey.

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Like I said I can transform for free

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Is there any way I can get to it via the TNT hub?

Arie hub portal. Then it’s about 100m away. Ghandys trade temple

What type of chisel would i need to change one type of brick into another?

I have never been to Arie. But i’ve been to Circapous I