WTB marble


Like the Name says i WTB marble , what i seek is marble in black , Red and White 1600 each .

Has Somebody These colours?
And how many would IT cost ?
Or does Somebody know where to get the Stones in These colours?

Thx in advance Turrican2006


I don’t sell marble, but as far as stones go here is the color sheet with colors from the permanent worlds


Black is from a few different planets, white is from a few previous exos and red is only available if you spray paint it somewhere down the line before crafting into marble.




Thanks for the ping @RedY3 Last time I said yes to an order on the forums I got inundated with orders.
I am Unable to do white or red but I could do the Black for you? @Turrican2006


That would be good , IT would be a start , what will you Take for each?


55c each
You want to order 1600?
It will take 24hrs to make :green_heart:


That’s a good price for marble!!!


Thats why I got so many orders :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Cheapest marble in the universe :wink:


I ll Take IT :+1::+1::+1:

Perhaps Somebody hast White Stones left from the exos, and Red ist also needed ITS for my build because i make an egypt build , Pyramids and temples , IT would be nice If you Help with that Findung These colours .
Thx in advance Turrican2006


But I paid 90 :wink:


I tried to get you to pay less :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ssshhhh lmao :rofl:


Are you on discord? @Turrican2006 I will message you when its ready!


Yes, Turrican2006#9854


Thank you. Talk soon :green_heart:


I have some white rock I’m not using not much but your welcome to it if it helps your build


Wow at that price I almost think about destroying my red marble walls


Yes that would be great, how many do you have?


Lol…I idk 3k plus


It’s dark red from a exo planet