WTB marble


Sure I will PM to set up a meeting.

We’ve had two exos with white rock, they’re not natural on any planet.


@Turrican2006 Your black marble is ready for collection! :green_heart:


I m online now


I can meet you to trade in Duskmoor?


Sry , was away, yes we can If you are on


Yes I am, On my way to Duskmoor city centre now.


@Turrican2006 , you can take strong or deep red for your red marble. It is easier to make than pure red and looks really red, I am sure Orrian or someone else can mix that up for you ^^

edit: the colors ingame appear different than in this picture.


I ll Take the DARK Red from the current Exo , im producing IT already


I have white rocks in my storage

write to me in discord with offer Saint#3922 or you can find me on ultima discord


Hey can you stick a basket somewhere and il drop off the white rock I have for you.


I will Set Up request basket @ my Pyramids @ my Essence & Fossil Trade Shop , will so this in 30 minutes.


Cool how to get to your place friend?


River Town in Arie Portal Hub then Go The Essence & Fossils Trade, thx in advance


This is a Picture from the DARK Red AS marble from the current Exo


That’s the same as my base…I love this color I made couple thousand and I better go get more rocks


Never was a fan of the dark red its the most brownish darkshade red color.


Get outta here! It’s lovely! :slight_smile: