WTB Non-Gem Lattice Chisels (2-4)

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Need lattice chisels as soon as possible, I’m in the groove working on a build lmao
Name your price and stats


  • Lattice
  • Not a gem chisel
  • No quirks or defects

Additional Preferred:

  • Durability

I can meet with you at the Gyosha Mall

Did you clear me out?

Silver chisels in whatever.

Also if you take the portal to raxxa on the shop next door, you can find more in my forge.

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That was not me.
I will go check that out, thank you!

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Grabbed a few now. Thanks @Nightstar!

Thread can be closed @majorvex :slight_smile:

What are lattice tools

A lattice chisel is a forged chisel that can change the shape of a block.

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