WTS: 1090c adv. Coils // WTB: Rough Oortstone ~185c, Silver Ore/Bar 19c, Rough Ruby 45c, Rough Emerald 120c each


Hey there!

I have once again opened my store! I have not yet finished crafting all of the coils and won’t have it all ready for several days. But this is what I am selling as of right now of making this post:

540k coins added to Silver baskets ore and bars at 19c each.
72000 coins added to Lustrous Dark Mustard Wood Trunk 2.5c each.
57600 coins added to Oxide Gray Gravel basket 2c each.
80000 coins added to Skulls basket 800c each.

Advanced Workbench Power Coil: 1090c
Advanced Refinery Power Coil: 1090c
Advanced Extractor Power Coil: 1090c
Advanced Compactor Power Coil: 1090c
Advanced Mixer Power coils: 1500c

10000 x Cobalt Fragment: 3,9c each.
4600 x Olivine Fragment: 4.9c each.
1700 x Saltpetre Fragment: 39.9c each.

140000 x Rock Salt: 0,3c each.
12000 x Opal: 1.5c each.

There are also some other junk at quite affordable prices!
How to find me:

Antar VI portal from Ultima Hub

Portal #12 on the far right end - New Springfield

Please let me know if you want to hand trade coils and I will get back to you asap!


How much for everything, out the door?


For all coal, coils, minerals etc? I could go 10-15% off total price.


Going to bed now so can’t do hand trade for the, at least, next 8 - 16 hrs (depends if I can before work).

Edit: Thanks to all who purchased stuff during the night. Have refilled anything that went to the lower end!

Edit: Out of Centraforge Coils, but reduced price of Medium and hard coal!

Edit: Would appreciate if someone with scanned came and ran by. Can’t get it working on my own, even with the help on Simoyd. :frowning:

Edit: Added a bunch of coils and got more coming!

Edit: Bumped up!


Some great prices!. Deffo go check this one. Also gonna see your progress with the town quimbs


Make sure you follow the bridge and road to my new castle and the parts around it. My town where the shop is hasn’t seen many changes lately but there has overall been a lot of progress done :ok_hand:

Edit: Coil prices dropped to 1100!

Edit: still got lots for sale and more incoming :ok_hand:


Big thanks to the person who spent 800-900k coins on coils in the past 24 hrs! Love you!

Edit: still filling the stands up with more coils!


Ahhh I will come and complete powering the rest of my machines later on today/tomorrow at prices like this!


More than welcome to swing by! If you want to handtrade I will be online in 30ish minutes :ok_hand:

Edit: may have a couple hundres of mixer coils after the weekend :+1:


Weekend deal is here! 1050c coils and even cheaper medium coal. Make sure you swing by and sell me some ore, I am buying a good chunk!

Will be away from computer until Sunday, but will be active and can reach me on forums or discord. “Quimby / Will#6720”


Nice build in your picture


For sure, not sure which ones you are referring to but both ultima and endor are great :+1:


Edit: last day of the deal!


Now selling 375 advanced mixer coils!


Make sure you all sell me your copper and silver!


What are your buy prices for those


19c each for silver ore/bar and 4/4.5 for copper ore/bar


Keep in mind that hand trading will give a small discount!!


Now also buying Oxide gray stone, gravel, Dark Mustard Wood and skulls!!


how many copper are you buying ?


14400 ore and 14400 bars