WTS Kindling 250c each handtrade

WTS my Kindling mass kernels I have 12400 kernals for 250c each Handtrade earning c to continue building boop

Just got back from errands and saw this…I’ll take 1000 if you’re still on, logging on now. Can come to Houchus, or meet at TNT or whatever is easiest :grin:

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That’s a great price .


Offer still stands I’m located in Cookie Kingdom on Houchus I

I saw this and thought eh…why so expensive…Guess that happened in the 4mth since inlast looked.

Good price now it seems lol

I live near The Slums on Trior… there’s no way I can get there. But I could try to find a portal in Alder since I can find one to Alder in Trior nearby Shady’s castle

How many did you want in how were Shadykatt-chans place is at

Here is a top-down view of my position relative to Shadykatt

And here is how far I am from the capital city of Autumn Dell (wow drawing is hard with a mouse)

Also i wasn’t wanting anything :^\

Was just stating the difficulty of traveling currently

Sorry about that

Where’d you find the up to date map?

I’m not sure where he got it but it’s likely one of these.


I got it from Boundlesscrafting.com


U should probably move to a area by a portal to a hub

I’m already committed to staying where I’m at. Besides who wouldn’t want a great view of the nights sky with having little to no buildings in the way


Me me I would rather easy portals over night any day of the week

Just save the location of the portals if you get tired of running back and forth. 100c to warp on same planet.

Also I think if you place warp conduits it’s free to warp to the capital, so if the portals are at the capital then works out.

Always love a good scenic view. That’s why most of the area around my home is plotted so others can’t ruin it.


Easy trick;

Get a portal from your build to a portal hub on the same planet.
That’s what I’ve done.


This wouldn’t be a reason for me, since my entire build so far is a giant fake cave roof. :joy:

edit: replied to the wrong post. heck

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Portals to Cookie Kingdom
-Portal Seekers
-GTG Global
All other networks are being closed due to personal reasons

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Presses F to pay respects

Seems you’re not saying much