Ye New Checklist for Devs

This is funny coming from the player who fought so hard to continue to call the game Oort instead of Boundless because it was shorter. Not using punctuation is also shorter. And if you’re making the argument that doing something properly…

…then I could make the same argument about using an old game title on forums with new players coming in more than ever ;).

Not meaning to be rude, just wanted to poke fun at you ;).

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Well, it’s a good point^^ And as you see I have adopted the word Boundless^^


Player Entites

At the “Player Entities”
Health and Max Breath are already implemented, right? [3]
And at “Non-Player Entities”

Non-Player Entities

Mobs already drop items, dont they? [5]
and the Variety of entities that are either hostile or docile towards the player. [7].


And have a breath-meter element that appears when the player goes into an area in which they cannot breathe, is kinda implemented [6]

Dont know if someone mentioned this already, but here you go :wink:

Is This updated how manny can we check Done now?

I think this is completely outdated as we’re now on the C++ version where a lot of things have changed.

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Hey Guys, yeah this checklist is absurdly outdated as life kind of got in the way of me working on this. I have a modicum of more time now, so if this is still useful for everyone I will try and update it towards what the game currently has. Otherwise, if I cannot keep up, I am more than willing to hand the list off to someone to keep better care of it if possible.

He lives! Welcome back. I believe it is now possible to make that list a wiki post so that anybody can edit it.

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Hilariously, I do not have rights to edit this post. (Working on it!)

Viola! Tzeentch has blessed this post with unending change. It is now an editable wiki post.

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Thanks mate, working on edits now. Also up for suggestion, should this be a combination guide/suggestion list? I was thinking of breaking sections into what is currently in-game followed by what has been suggested for addition. For instance, a listing of all the GUI menus, what they do, and their components, followed by a list of changes people wish they could see in them.

That’s up to you.

Then it shall be so.

added some new suggests

I surprisingly don’t know what suggestions are mine. I had a huge list back on the Oort forums. Want me to dig that up?

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Not to worry, when this list was originally made your list was among the two or three that were the base of it.

Not sure if this list is still being updated, but…

Added new ideas like Cooking, Medicine, Books, Filter Station, Creating Recipes

Support Path

Done on berlyn





Partially done


Partially done (Tokens)

Sorta done but not permanent. Setting locations

can shift Click


Done excepts picks are hammers and spades are shovels (same things)

Partially done/In the works

Partially Done


Love this idea <3


Can we please get Cookies implemented and hug emote so I can hug people and give them cookies lol

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oof. wicked bad necro