This idea ties into my Support Path idea. Please read through this and comment if you have any questions or ideas. :slight_smile:

So in my Support Path, I had this idea

Personal Recipes
Each item you can make in Support path gives at least one effect based on level of recipe. When you use this item on yourself you gain knowledge of the effect. After acquiring this buff on you 3 times, you have “learned” it. If you get the skill called Beginner Creator, you can then create your own. You can choose two items to combine that are not already recipes. You then choose which buff, from the ones you have learned, to apply to it.

So, I thought why not have books that list recipes and effects? Maybe other stuff like a map sort of?

Creating Books

Paper: Each 1 Paper can hold 2 items. You can then combine these papers to form a Book.

  1. Any 5 Trunks–>1 Paper
  2. When the paper is created, you choose a Paper Type.

Notes: Notes are where you can type in anything up to 100 characters.
Effects: When you learn an effect, you automatically add it to an Effects Page if one is available with space
Recipes: When you make something for the first time, like Raw Meat–>Cooked Meat or
Item 1+ Item 2–>New Item, you can choose to store this. This will be put in an open Recipes Page slot.
Social: When you meet another player, you can right click their name and choose to add them to a Social Page if a slot is available. The person will then get a notice about it and they can choose to share whatever info they wish. This will show their name and level no matter what. The other person can then choose to have it show their Home coordinates, Steam name, Inventory, Skills, etc by checking boxes on the window that appears. They can also deny the Social Page request.
Locations: This is similar to the Location’s tab. You can put locations on a page slot and then write your own notes about that location. The purpose of this is explained below.

  1. These pages stack based on type.
  2. After acquiring iron/copper bars you can change these bars into Bindings.
  3. You can then combine three bindings and a window will pop up showing the pages you have. You choose type and then select what pages you want to bind together.
  4. You then combine the books with two more pages. This allows you to create a Book Title and a Table of Contents.
  5. Books can be stacked no matter what type.

Book Uses

To use a book, equip it in either hand. When used, the book will open and you can scroll through pages with arrows at the bottom of the book. The Table of Contents contains words that you can click on and it will take you right to the location in the book.

  1. You can use these to know what items you need to gather if you forget what is needed for crafting an item and you don’t want to waste time going home to check.
  2. You can sell/trade any book you want except Social Books.
  3. If a bookshelf becomes a thing, you can then store books in the shelf and it will change to look like it is holding books.

my favorite thing in any game if implemented: here are my thoughts on pragmatic writing (only certain angle, far from a complete idea):