If you could pick just one thing

Programming is just like a friends on a friends list. Sometimes you decide to have a friend but then you are stuck with them. You try to make things work between you but it gets ugly or toxic. You try to remove them but they come back to haunt you. Finally you do the work needed and they are gone but you had to move mountains to get it done… And the sad truth is that sometimes the new friends you made through that work have the problems down the line and you have to start the process over.

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I don’t know where that came from but I all of a sudden feel very sad. :pensive:

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Just to be able to use items in both hands at the same time…

This alone would make the game %100 better… even if it was a skill to unlock at lvl 30 or 40… it would make everything fun, digging, fighting, grapple chain jumping…

atm its kind of more a gimmick than a real use… yeah you can hold bow and a grapple and a light and a hammer… but that’s all you do with the system, it could be so much more. and 10x the fun.

OH and yeah Pistons/moving blocks to go with all that red stone being added.


A cool thing i can think of is like an alien railroad system for easy travel to undiscovered cities and maybe the carts can store stuff for like traviling salesmen . . .


I would like to make dungeons for people to try and get though, and I can store some treasures at the end.

To do that I would like the ability to make mob spawners, and TRAPS!.
I believe this would also go along with the above mentioned “redstone” extending the pipes and spark that we have now.

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I explain books in this post.


I would love to be able to mix a stone block with a soil block to create a broken stone path block. That is the one and only thing that i’ve ever wanted. Would be nice if you could plant grass on them too.


I think there needs buckets in the game.


You can plant grass… First seed does the base colour, each seed on-top adds height. You can also use a different grass seed on-top and keep the height…

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For me it would be great to get more of an ability to create interactive environments, weather this engines of sort, or through CPU block or some other means. This would also add means for players to be able to add to the law of the game itself, allowing people to make their own dungeons or just interesting places to explore…

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I am horrible at picking one thing:
As a crafter
Monster repulsing beacon upgrade
Powered Defense blocks
Upgrades to sanctum, storage, or cosmetic
Some method of increasing collection range
A refresh icon that sorts your inventory/storage groups blocks…
A limit to how many storage blocks can be placed together, but opening them opens all attached blocks
A method of painting odd blocks to match other blocks, or changing blocks into other blocks
A global exchange method higher cost
More potions for buffs, def, att, agility, jump, double block collection
Storage blocks linking up with craft techs


I would say a melee weapon but lance is already a WIP from what I read.

Outside of that I would love some system to write in game and share with others. Can be books or something like tablets/storage discs to read. So much potential in a system like this.

Edit: Read through this thread and a lot of good ideas here. I would love to see a way to mark your crafted items like @Nedaryn suggested. The shield system like @Vastar linked sounds like a good fit for the game too. Maybe with skill points we could make the shield bubble large enough to protect other people near us.


A lot of people may disagree with me on this one, but portals being locked by distance limits and time gates. I don’t think the latter is in the works as of now because it severely limits a core feature of the game, but I don’t think that the current solution of setting tolls is enough.

Far too often in game we use a portal hub to get from Point A to Point Z quick and easy. I am sorry if this sounds redundant, I have ranted about this time and time again. This impacts the game in a few way from making travel much easier to providing players with a seamless diverse experience being able to enjoy each planet very early on in the game. Obviously negative effects include access to high level areas of the game too early for newer players, which exposes them to parts of the game too fast. Another negative includes less and less disparity in resources throughout the Boundless Universe.

Now, pay gates would solve the issue of accessibility for newer players. They would not have enough to make more than one hop in the very start of the game most likely. I am saying this from the perspective of a player coming in to the game a few months after the release. The experience must be enjoyable for players who didn’t buy at release for it to be successful.

By this time portal networks should be grounded in the boundless world. Let’s say there is a Capitol in one of the starting worlds and it has a portal to every planet to the universe. Our new player might jump to Planet Z and get stuck on a level 9 (or whatever level the highest tier will be) planet. They might not be able to jump back because of a lack of coin plus how bad would it be to have to lose all of your coin from a mistake like that. Distance limits would be a way to ensure this doesn’t happen.

The other nerf to portals that I think is necessary would be time gates. Limiting the amount of time that it takes to make a hop would force players to spend more time in cities! I cannot stress how important this is. Sure a portal network is convenient and all but what about encouraging players to spend more time on much grander player built projects! I touched on this in the Trello board, but the trailer with the Titan at the end really drew me into the game because of the city. I thought wouldn’t it be truly awesome if players thought, “Hey, I’m going to rent out this little pre built furnished hut over here while I stay on this planet for a bit.” Right now, it’s more of just go from A to B to D to G back to A; a very plain and simple experience. Wouldn’t it be more unique if when I traveled I could ask the next planets town owner if I could rent one of their homes? Of course the player has the ability to make their own plot but at the cost of having to spend the time and inventory slots to build everything they need. With a time gate I would be forced to do more on the middle man planet adding value to planets in between the end of the nodes (starter planets and high level planets).

To sum up, pay gates, time gates and distance limiting factors to portals in my opinion would greatly enhance the player experience come 1.0. Nothing that I mention here is new really. Warps have distance limits which you can increase with skills. Time gates could be decreased with skills or increased by the number of hops within a time limit. I do not have any advice on distance because I don’t know if the web of planets will look similar to what we have now or not, but with time limits you could maybe have a skill mode for 1 hop in x time and a second node saying 2 hops in x time. This would make it so players aren’t able to travel until getting the hang of things.


Train tracks, my brother and I do love train tracks and used to build train stations and connections between builds in Minecraft. :smiley:


Horses and dragons as tameable mounts.

one word
taking the moebius express to the next town would be AWESOME


I love it, but as portals currently work, there is no reason to take the train when I can walk there in 12 steps.

I’d definitely like to see portals be replaced by vehicles for transport within a world, with portal networks as the main means to travel between worlds.


Candyland :smiley: Seriously. I would be so happy there. Oh, two things - unicorns lol.

A better way to remove lava. :’(

Edit: When building underground.


perfect! I love it!