Support Path Idea

I have an idea for a new path. I separated them into multiple comments because it was confusing for me otherwise. Please read through it and comment if you have any questions or ideas. Thanks! :slight_smile:

This path focuses on creating consumables that can heal or buff.
There are two parts to this Path. Cooking and Medicine.

A new thing special to this path is

Personal Recipes
Each item you can make in this path gives at least one effect based on level of recipe. When you use this item on yourself you gain knowledge of the effect. After acquiring this buff on you 3 times, you have “learned” it. If you get the skill called Beginner Creator, you can then create your own. You can choose two items to combine that are not already recipes. You then choose which buff, from the ones you have learned, to apply to it. These effects can be listed in the Books idea that I have.

1. Cooking

Cooking is done on a Cooking Station. To make this station, you need to build a Fire Pit and a Cooking Pot. This station will work the same as a furnace, but can only use food ingredients. Food will no longer be cooked in the Furnace. There will be two things you can do.

Basic Recipes
Option 1: Raw Ingredient–>Cooked Ingredient
Option 2: Cooked Ingredient+Cooked Ingredient–>Meal

Next Level Recipes
Option 3: Meal+Meal–>Stronger Meal or New Meal Type

Item Use
Cooked Ingredients: Restore Health when consumed
Meals: can be eaten once every ___minutes/hours. Depending on the meal, these provide a buff for ____ attribute that lasts for ___minutes/hours.


2. Medicine

Medicine is combining plants and fabrics to create Salves, Pills, or Bandages.

To do this you need a Medicine Station. This will look like the crafting table with some bottles on it. In addition, plant types, especially Flax. You can also now craft a bucket and gather Muddy Water.

A Filter station is also needed. This will be a simple craft. You can add water from your bucket to the filter station and over time it will become pure. Muddy Water–>Pure Water.

Basic Recipes
Option 1: HANDCRAFTED: Flax–> Fabric
Option 2: Plant 1+Plant 2–>Salve
Option 4: Fabric+Plant–>Bandage

Next Level Recipes
Option 3: Salve+Pure Water–>Potion
Option 5: Potion+Potion–>Stronger Potion or New Type Potion

Item Use
Bandages: Heal you
Salve: Cures Debuffs(If this will exist in game later) or adds a Heal Over Time
Potions: Add buffs but not as much as meals, heals, removed debuffs.


Skill Tree

The numbers mean you have to have the skill before. For example you have to have the skill 1.1 to get the the skill 1.2, and 1.2 to get 1.3.

1.1 Increase Effect: Increases how much a Support Item heals or buffs.
1.2 Increase Duration: how long HOT/Buffs last
1.3 Increase Duration+Effect: Does both 1.1 and 1.3

2.1 Next Level Crafting: Grants access to higher recipes
2.2 Create Extra: +10% Chance to create one more item with no resources used
2.3 Create Extra: +40% Chance to create one more item with no resources used
Note: This chance when both skills picked gives you a 50% chance total

3.1: Beginner Creator: You can make your own recipes and choose one effect from ones you have learned (See original post).
3.2: Apprentice Creator: You can choose two effects from ones you have learned for created recipes. (See original post).
3.3: Expert Creator: You can choose three effect from ones you have learned for created recipes. (See original post).
Note: You can not have two of the same effect on an item


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