You know how LOCKS work on doors

How about making an item that attaches to a shopstand that works just like a lock but that allows the owner the ability to add who can use it.

That way I can “rent out” spaces in my plots w/o having to give up a whole plot.

You know you place a lock by a door and the door next to it locks, but make it the same thing for who can use my shop stand.

I want to make a bazaar but now I learned ill have to release plots, rebuy my plots, place a beacon 1 at a time and then friend every single person who I give perms to use to for their shops in my mega plot.

Do you all get what im saying?


Do you know what kinda mentality that envokes? That envokes the mentality of:

“I’ll just spend a few hundred dollars, get a few thousand plots easily, and just plot an entire planet for myself, and make people have to pay to rent use of it, without ever letting them the freedom of building whatever kinda shop they want.”

Even now, with the way plots work, it can already be somewhat abused, but that kinda system, encourging people to make a plot and renting out features. Shopstands, or Machines, and so on, can easily be turned for the worse.

Well if I construct a mall, i want to have people sell items in it but not own it. That is the mentality.

And if you want to blow the IRL money to buy a whole planet, more power to you.

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Gill, that was 1 person. What is a group did it? What if say, a group of 10 people, went through and each bought out all the plots on. Oh I don’t know, Every Lvl 4+ world? And since they own the surface plots, you can’t mine under it to get the materials… Unless you pay a very hefty price for them to open their mining door for you.

As for Constructing a mall. For one thing you’re not going to be able to do it easily. Secondly, to do it, would take a bunch of alts, putting down 1 plot size in the mall and building up the stand there. Then giving access to other players to use.

More deeper permissions would be nice, but if they aren’t careful and balanced, you’re going to be seeing entire capitals and cities owned all by 1 person, and not many people working together. This will be abused to all hell for the Footfall mechanics alone, let alone all the other nasty things people can design to be abused.

It would cost thousands of dollars to buy every plot on a planet. Thousands. Not hundreds.

If some Jack hole wants to wate THOUSANDS of dollars to buy out a few plants, let him. More money for the Devs to make the game better.

Having an item that lets people access an item inside your plot is a good idea. I guess we agree to disagree.

Also, there is nothing stopping that from happening RIGHT NOW. Anyone can go buy all the plots in all the planets so your point is moot.


And that is what the item I want the devs to make would fix. Not sure what the problem is.

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The ‘Problem’ is that what you quoted is the SOLUTION, not an ISSUE.

You’re forced to trust another player either way. In that he won’t break what you created if your alt owns the plot and you built the looks of the ‘Stall’ area. Or in that you built around the plot, and give/sell the plot to another player, and trust they build the plot to look like the rest of your shop and area, and don’t grief you by just owning it and then leaving, leaving a massive hole there that you can’t build on.

Either way, you have to ‘Trust’ the other person. Removing that 2 way trust, putting it all one sided, the player having to trust the owner, is a system set up for abuse in nearly every situation.

If we want to be honest about that, plotting an entire planet would require 331,776 plots. You’re going to spend a bit for that :stuck_out_tongue: Even as a group


True, but I’m just giving extreme examples.

After all, taking Eve Online as an example, or even just Star Citizen, people will sink Hundreds of Thousands of dollars into a game they like, just to be better than everyone else.

If someone wants to ball out and buy that many plots to build. I say I’m all for it. That’s just more money for the devs and gives a healthier budget for future updates and content.

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With this suggested item the system is allows someone to use my shop stand and I don’t HAVE to trust them. That is the point. If they dont like it then they can leave. It is that simple. If I dont like how they act, I can kick them out. My Mall, my rules. If you dont like it, there is the door.

Also that is how every contact IRL works. I own the building, you rent it. You follow my contract or you get kicked out. Not sure why this is so hard for you to understand.


Is that true? If so I hope someone does it.
For 331,000 plots even, it would require 9,931,200 cubits to purchase all the plots for a grand total of $66,200.
Think of all the content!


Yup! Current worlds are 576 plots along each axis. 576 * 576 = 331,776

And extra worlds they could host!


Having more plots then everyone else hardly makes you better. Good luck trying to fill all those.

We definitely need something like this, there are too many great uses for an item with this function.