You play too much boundless when


Pluto isnt a planet.


You know youve played boundless to much when you think pluto is a planet.


I think someone posted this but cant find it…

You know youve played to much boundless when you go around town wacking all the buildings and roads with a stick to see who owns it.


you play to much boundless if ya checking this page every half hour


You play too much boundless when you’re sitting in the tub and calculating the amount of plots and blocks it would take to recreate the bathroom space. “So, if I am two blocks then this tub is also two blocks …”


… when you drive by a mountain and wonder how many gems are in there.


Or when the wife is beating you for playing too much Boundless and you wish you’d put a couple more points into kinetic resistance :joy:


OMG!! Im so glad im not the only one!!!
The abuse!
The ABUSE!! :sob::joy:


Lol. Actually it is. It was recently reclassified as a dwarf planet - look it up.


I just made mine play with me :slight_smile:


I tell her, “Honey, if you don’t stop beating me I swear… I’m never gonna get this build finished.”


How old are you that 2006 feels like recently? :scream:

Im just messing with you, :joy: couldnt help myself.

yeah, pluto little dwarfie.
Think its all shedutier icy, but that ■■■■ got ice vulcanos. I want an icevulcano. Maybe ill build one.

Think we got like 5-6 little dwarfies discovered in our solarsystem now btw. :stuck_out_tongue: fun time to be alive. I have a vague hope of being able to atleast die on another planet or celestial body then the one i was born on.


For some reason I thought it was declassified after and then reclassified again recently read a report from IFL on the old Facebook that it was brought up again haha. Who knows though, it’s the internet.

I still think it’d be tier 6. :stuck_out_tongue:


Pluto is the IRL version of

This thread is locked
And now it isn’t
This thread is locked
And now it isn’t
This thread is locked
And now it isn’t
This thread is locked
And now it isn’t
This thread is locked
And now it isn’t
This thread is locked
And now it isn’t


I wish scientists would just close that Pluto thread already.


Pluto left the chat


Omg im so sorry guys, i just seem to derail every thread i visit today.

Time for bed i guess.


Still no No Man’s Sky by a lot :joy:


You know you play too much Boundless when… you wonder why this Portal Hub shut down?


“OMG, I should donate some Oort?” looks for request basket


you now you play to much boundless when
You go into a house and start to wonder whether the wood is ancient, lustrous or twisted and what tint