You play too much boundless when


You know you play too much Boundless when…

You bought Red Dead Redemption 2 and Fallout 76 on launch day, and both disc boxes still have the security seal intact.


You know you play too much Boundless when…

…you try to repair your broken down refrigerator by wiggling a wrench at it.

…you start referring to donuts as “Augments”.

…you start bringing snacks when you go for a jog.


When you wonder why your citizen can’t hold his breath as long as you do. And then you put it to the test!


when you go through hamburg (alot stuff is there made of bricks traditionally) and wonder from what world those bricks are


When you wander around carrying an axe in one hand and a hammer in the other wearing nothing but a nappy (diaper) shouting yabo at people, being arrested, thrown in prison, and seeing it as an opportunity to mine some new stone.


When the police ask you why you digging up the pavement in the street, and you answer that it is a nice color and you need it for all your roads in your home.


and the cop busting you knows he plays to much when he reports you for greifing.


When you hear the roadrunners in your sleep…Wipwa.weep.weeeep !


This just happened … :frowning:

I actually thought “Incoming” “North”


You know you play too much Boundless when . . .
You dream about cooking food and when you wake up, still half asleep you ask your hubby “did I leave the invigorating pies in the furnace?” And he goes “What!? Or, when a hopper drops down and takes half your health and you yell “S*&T ! that hurt” and hubby goes what hurt?” You reply “the hopper blew up in front of me.” He responds with “Oh, the game, it’s not real” And you think, but I remember feeling some pain when it happened.


You know you play too much Boundless when…
You start collecting everything you find IRL just in case you might need it later for a changed recipe


I am also having the meteor/ air plane issue. Save me!


I was driving home the other day and saw a plane with a contrail and my first thought was I need to go and get the oort.


Totally had a omg meteor moment myself a few weeks back!


You know you play too much Boundless when… you start making irritating groaning noises when you’re ready for lunch.


You know the portal networks better than you know the local mall lol


You know you play too much boundless when…

you have this many hours on the clock :smiley:


You know you play too much boundless when…

when u are typing in every game /salute or /wave whenever you meet someone :slight_smile:


When you don’t respond on here since the original post date cause your too busy playing Boundless


People let’s face it we’ve got problems :joy:


Nah, I’m in denial that I have a problem, almost 2k hours, I don’t have a problem.