You play too much boundless when


Yep we have apsolotly no problems :wink:


Nah, don’t have a problem, can’t check on PS4 but if I had to take a guess I think about 23 hours or so? Yeah, not that many, told ya.

What you mean it’s impossible to have 8 alts, over 5k plots, many skill pages maxed and almost 800 skill points on my main that I can not use in that short a time??

Wait! Hours played??? ohhh, I thought waking hours NOT played since September!
My bad!



You are starting to remember the terrain of each planet as you run around :open_mouth:
Each mountain, tree, town, etc.


It used to be…

Pluto first Exo planet confirmed


I dreamt that I was running around a T6 planet, looked up in the sky & saw 5 EXOs. Two of them were T7s. I was like :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


I was trying to take a grenade in my left hand by ctrl+wheel when playing a shooter :joy:


Quick tid bit of info. The snow is red on Pluto.

You know you play boundless too much when you wish it was as easy to make USD as it is coin.

You know you play boundless too much when you look for the smoldering beacon at the mansion in the town over.


You play to much Boundless when everywhere you go you think “I can build that!”


You know you play too much Boundless when every pretty picture you encounter goes in to your boundless folder on pinterest.


I’m so glad it’s not just me :laughing:


I sat out on a dock late last night under a brilliant sky and stared at the stars and saw a few meteors - but I couldn’t help thinking, ALMOST as good as Boundless… but I won’t get any loot from the meteors! :wink:


You know you play too much boundless when you run numbers in your head to figure out the best sell price for every diy project and food recipe you do


You know you play too much boundless when you know you play too much boundless! :smiley:


You know you play boundless too much when you see a real world town and realize you could have built it MUCH BETTER :wink:


when you go to text your wife and acsodently post it on the forums :roll_eyes:


I guess you play it too much, when you tryin to heal ppl, with bombs


When you finish cleaning your RL house and are disappointed you didn’t find a forgotten tonne of gold and uncut gemstones in the closet.


When seeing the airplane lines on the sky shouting: INC!


when I visit the nasa astro pic of the day site and see…

and get a little jealous.


when ya spend 4hours on boundless discord and forum to tell people you dont have time and then hop in real quick to stay another 4hours