You play too much boundless when


You play too much boundless when…you look up at the sun and think “wow a new exo” :rofl::rofl: and more yellow gleam!!


When your husband doesn’t have Boundless and messages you through PSN and you message him back using the in-game chat. :joy:


“Come to me, I will hold you gently with my forged grapple, we will watch the evening sky and if we see a meteor level 6 falling you can wish the farming update to come this weekend or an Umbris Exo.”


You’re considering leaving an alt at the tnt drop party and teaching your little cousin to control the game while you’re at work. Fomo! Is real on this one ha!




when you have 4,929 in game hr’s and wish you had more time to play.


You play Boundless to much when you hear a loud boom outside and think a meteor just fell. Forth of july fireworks had me thinking meteors were falling


Better get dem lootsticks out


4900 idle hours 29hrs playing.


7,2441 hours! Of course I AFK alot lol


Jeez Kras, is that many hours even legal? Haha!


lol I really do AFK alot plus was in early release





:rofl: muhaaha :joy:


You know you play too much boundless when
1 As a guy you are very familiar with the colour fuchsia, and 2. You refer to fuchsia objects irl as “Finata pink”


Sorry, I did not see your message until I checked a few minutes ago :open_mouth: I had the UI off to take screenshots


You know you play too much boundless when you can’t finish writing a post for…


Just the other night I unintentionally ordered the Starberry pecan salad as an appetizer. I didn’t even realize it until the waitress asked if I meant strawberry pecan.

“Yeah, why- what did I say? Star… oh… yeah… :dizzy_face:


This killed me :joy: