You play too much boundless when


You know you play too much boundless…when your walking down the center hall in your local prison handcuffed, and you look around at the few inmates in the prison’s many cells and think to yourself, “this is definitely a footfall trap”.

Edit: “this is either a mall, or a footfall trap” to “this is definitely a footfall trap”


Thats hilarious


You know you play to much boundless

When your waiting on public transport and can only think about how much you still have to chisel.


Also when you miss your stop because of paying more attention to the forum than your transport.


It’s 2am & I’m in game because there’s a new Exo :open_mouth: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I got up at 3:40am this morning to starting cooking some coils, so they’d be ready after I finish work. Mind you, I did have encouragement from my bladder…cause age and all that.


This, and have no plans of turning in any time soon because of that fact. :rofl:


I dunno sounds like you haven’t been playing enough if you had the time to do something to get in trouble for. :joy:


And this is such an amazing one! Everywhere you look there is something to collect. I love it


Oh yeah!! :heart_eyes:

This has me thinking, long time ago I played a game called Dungeon Keeper 2, where the narrator would come on and prod you to go to bed if you stayed up too late on it playing. We need auto messages in chat like this for addicts like us. :rofl:

4 hours in - “We admire your dedication, Citizen - but perhaps it is time for a break?”
8 hours in - “You have put in a full day. Time to go home!”
12 hours in - “Does not that comfortable piece of furniture for purposes of sleep beckon you at all? The Oortiverse will still be here tomorrow…”
16 hours in - "GO TO BED ALREADY!! :rage: Auto-ban for 8 hours "


Hmm full day for me if going of how work is would be 12hrs. Wish my days were 8s

Auto ban. Wonder how many of you would fall in that category :joy:


This one made me laugh :joy:


Those games were awesome. Funny as heck too


I spent far more time than I’m proud of playing that game :laughing:


Harsh, 8 hours auto ban when you only usually sleep 6 or 7 hours! :joy:

It’s bad that that is all I thought about!


Hahaha, yeah, that would be killer on me - here I am back up, I didn’t even sleep three hours, ready to go back to Boundless in a minute. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ll nap more later probably haha but another sign I play too much Boundless is I’m grateful for the insomnia I get at times since I can play more! :wink:


when this hangs on your wall


There is nothing wrong with that.

Planning is good…


:open_mouth: that looks exsactly like What I have been building for the past year. Nice plans by the way.


Better check your pants… is your plan in there anymore