You play too much boundless when


When you dream that you’re fighting cuttletrunks lol


Dont be silly man. I have no pants. :rofl:


My current project sits in my boundless info binder along with a ton of spreadsheets and color charts among other things lol


Gaming dreams are the best. :slight_smile: I get very long, vivid dreams sometimes - generally a good thing but get bad nightmares also - but by far the best are when I find myself in a game in my dream, though they often get a little weird. Like, Boundless might get conflated with NMS or even ESO or whatever else I’m playing.

I do get the Tetris Effect from Boundless mining binges, too! See myself breaking resources as I drift off… :rofl:


I tried planning 3 months ago, this is all I managed…

But meanwhile the real deal looks better than planned. :man_shrugging:

Also tried to plan a bird statue but gave up. :joy: Too many other projects already. :crazy_face:


I have a few plans and a few I have done for other players.


I see… clever to hide it in the bush.