[Zahlba I] --[Umbris Tier 7 Exoworld]-- [Inactive]


∟Accessible via KOL HUROO at 42 blinksecs :: (Warp Cost : 3400c)
∟Last until October 29, 2019 4:08 AM
∟Server : EU Central

Blocks Color

Blocks color have been pulled out from data, some blocks may not exist on the planet.

Gleam - 25 Hot Cherry

Igneous - 13 Dark Red
Metamorphic - 20 Night Orange
Sedimentary - 25 Hot Cherry

Ancient - 12 Strong Cherry
Lustrous - 21 Shadow Orange
Twisted - 74 Fuchsia

Exotic - 25 Hot Cherry
Lush Foliage - 30 Hot Sepia
Waxy - 71 Deep Fuchsia

Clay - 22 Shadow Red
Peaty - 20 Night Orange
Silty - 11 Strong Fuchsia

Barbed - 12 Strong Cherry
Gnarled - 252 Strong Orange
Verdant - 17 Shadow Fuchsia

Ash - 11 Strong Fuchsia
Gravel - 13 Dark Red
Glacier - 12 Strong Cherry
Growth - 74 Fuchsia
Ice - 26 Silk Cherry
Mould - 43 Shadow Mustard
Mud - 17 Shadow Fuchsia
Sand - 28 Silk Orange
Sponge - 16 Dark Fuchsia
Tangle - 252 Strong Orange
Thorn - 250 Shadow Violet

Cloneflower - 241 Strong Turquoise
Gladeflower - 244 Deep Viridian
Ghostflower - 253 Deep Orange
Spineflower - 241 Strong Turquoise

Desert Sword - 241 Strong Turquoise
Oortian’s Staff - 239 Strong Azure
Rosetta Nox - 41 Strong Mustard
Spineback Plant - 38 Dark Green
Stardrop Plant - 119 Warm Violet
Traveller’s Perch - 23 Strong Red
Trumpet Root - 11 Strong Fuchsia
Twisted Aloba - 11 Strong Fuchsia

Branch Funnel - 20 Night Orange
Clustered Tongue - 23 Strong Red
Glow Cap - 71 Deep Fuchsia
Molted Tar Spot - 22 Shadow Red
Tinted-Burst - 68 Deep Violet
Weeping Waxcap - 43 Shadow Mustard

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Memes James

Anyone need a ride?

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Got my first Umbris seams! :smiley:



I just collected a few too :blush:

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Did shrooms spawn this time? 71 is fantastic for those. ;o

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Finally saw some goo on sponge, i thought it was a myth.


Found a few, yep! :smiley:

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Hope I can get on tomorrow before they’re all gone. 71 is one of my favourite colors. :joy:

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I like the cave system here - with the hot gleam around.

Lol, was just about to post the exact same thing… it exists!!!


Zahlba I T7-Umbris samples and tokens are available. Located at PS Grovidias Te - Lil Porkchop Block Museum (behind PS Gleam Portal)… Gleam is a repeat and location has single seams. Also have Ice 3x3, Tangle, Sponge tokens… Enjoy my friends :slight_smile:



Aaaaaa I see that glowcap it shall be mine!!!

Anyone find ancient wood yet?

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I’m selling the ones I find here. :innocent: But got a message this morning they’re already gone off the plinth. Will try to find more though. Used my time this morning for Umbris.

Thinking of selling some of the Umbris seams, if there is any interest? Thinking 500c each is what I’ll charge if I do.

Oof, that’s what my collection is worth a piece? Spicy.

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I’m guessing they’d sell for more really, just trying to keep my prices low… I sell rough Umbris for 299c, and with a couple per seam that is a better deal actually, and I THINK my Umbris price on rough is the lowest around, that I’ve seen anyways.

Going to decorate with them myself but thought people might want them so might be worth selling some too. :slight_smile:



Free the mushrooms! :rage:

… Or was that, free mushrooms? :thinking: Yeah, free mushrooms, 11 of them from here, they belong to whoever gets here first! :wink:

And a few more scenery shots!

Oh, saved a few big Umbris hotspots, anybody wanting to go, just say the word, should be around most of the weekend. :smiley: