Hmm I know I already made a couple of posts, I got my first sovereign. I haven’t even gotten an atlas or a world control yet just running around since I got off of work. Still I don’t want to flood the screen shots thread :clown_face:

I need to edit my render distance, for sure.

There are some icy deserts here, lots of interesting terrain. Mostly so far as I wanted to try and merge some gleam shapes I’ve been to a couple of lakes.

This guy:

I was having a laugh at my close encounter when I got my first meteor. I remembered to fullscreen and barely caught the tail.

Some pics from the first lake I already posted elsewhere:

In at least one area, there are tons of leafy caves and alcoves, down to the mantle where you can swim around through leafy tunnels.

Very cool, so far there’s been a little bit of a craggy area that reminds me of Gloviathosa. Nothing too rough, though.

More to come, I’m sure.


My favourite combination of gleam b a ll s and floating islands biomes. Produces cool results.


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I only added gleam lake for a gleam biome, and there is soooo much gleam here.

Some of the terrain is a little coarse but the biome combinations and mergers, I just keep stumbling on awesome little configurations and “wow” spots.

I’d have to say I’ve only ever fully explored one or two sovereign worlds, and those were at higher levels. This is pretty awesome.


My favourites to explore are t3 and t4 sovereigns.
Mapped many of them, just like exploring peoples little worlds. Some sweet stuff can be found if it comes to biome merging.

For example wells and flat tops biomes make interesting neighbours. And flower field 2 makes a good neighbour for most other biomes, on the gentler slope side of it where it always spawns a pond. Seen some cool effects of that merger.

Also, going 3+ biomes over the required minimum creates more tiny bits shoved in between other biomes. Like single tall tree on a cliff or a couple of gleam trees with a bit of water in the middle of a farm field.


I can take some higher distance shots and even some panoramics for you at some point if you want. Could be something we go through together if we could both arrange a time, too.

This seems to have come out pretty interesting anyway. Closest planet to access this?

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There’s a portal at TRONK.

I put in a world control and set some different colors, though. I made it fully public.

If you come through the TNT hub to my build, it’s the 2x2 unmarked portal to the right.

I spent about an hour and a half there today. It’s my first planet but I’m not sure if it will get refueled, or not.

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I haven’t had much time to explore it yet, but here are some of my sights screenshots.

The double henge formation was an interesting find, and I haven’t seen any others yet.


Normal shots:


wow, those stonehenge twins are cool :sunglasses:

lol, the direct reply not working again @NerArth; it shows in the writing box but not after posting

I love this trough :clown_face:

I’m not sure if it’s cooler if you found the same one, or there’s a few of them. I think it’s near the portal though. I haven’t actually managed to spend a lot of time here.

I love these too. I think I’m logged out inside one now.

That’s also a very picturesque meteor shot, good catch on any planet.


Interesting timing as I have just stumbled into a twin stonehenge formation on a sovereign called 1-UP:




It never works if the latest post was the person you’re trying to reply to.

Yes, I think it was the one near the portal area. :thinking:


Really enjoy seeing the screenshots and your obvious delight in your sovereign.

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Thank you! Haha, for this there’s going to be a post about me :grinning: I edited some of what I typed so if you don’t want to read a little story the next post will be more screenshots.

This planet is pretty awesome, so far.

I haven’t actually spent a ton of time there, just wandering around for a couple hours. I think I’ve been in ten regions now, I haven’t brought an atlas.

That makes it extra easy to get distracted :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s T3 so it has a pretty broad range of biomes. I took the required minimums but it’s enough to make a lot of mash-ups and very interesting features, to me. It’s been literally years since I did any serious “exploring” in Boundless. I remember the rush of exos for a while but after a bit of that I was still mostly just going to high tier ones and grinding anyways.

For the past couple of years I’ve done more or less but mostly just the same stuff until I decided to clean up my “mess” and see how that felt. I spent literally a couple of months just getting almost all of my places reclaimed and sorted and packed down into a single giant pile of stuff. Cleaned out all my alts, deleted the useless ones, etc …

The hunt for a new base was recent but, end of the day it was just a review of the same stuff in large part :rofl: I do want a “main base” on a public world though. I started TRONK - that build is idling in an ok place and it was great fun again for a minute, as well.

But then I returned to wandering the caves, heh. I paused in large part to watch my new set of builds decay. And also my last shops which has got me some more reclaims scattered onto alts again :sweat: More sorting to do.

Also I was getting some other stuff in order and remembered about the various accounts/emails/etc… I had associated with Boundless and wanting to get that “sorted” as well.

So everything was in order at my end, there’s a bit more positivity going around right now, and I decided to give it a go. Besides being one of the only parts of the game I haven’t participated in (sov/creative “rolling”) I want to explore the associated mechanics for managing beacons and reclaims.

I still have to empty a 4+ million item reclaim at least once I think, to get it all move into my main’s mess. The other one with a recent shop reclaim (I haven’t checked) should be under 100k items. Also a sad day but the Classy Cuttletrunk Is gone, R.I.P.

So with that many of my gameplay hours will be on this planet for the next 30 days I think. But it won’t be a crazy amount of hours, probably. At the end of that time, if I don’t find something that really excites me, I’m thinking I’d rather roll again than fuel this planet. At least, that’s the idea going into it. I’m clearly not in a rush to build and I don’t want to just take home the first puppy I see :laughing:

With that said, so far Zarastria is pretty beautiful. I selected some high contrast colors that I like - they’re a bit much together though. It does make for some pretty striking views. At the price point of a small world I think it’s worth it just to go on a planet and be like “Yeah well, I made this. This one’s mine”.

It tickles me endlessly to “own” so many gleam ■■■■■ :crazy_face:

Totally worth it for a one-off. Two thumbs up. I’m not sure if It will convince me to keep a plant :thinking:


So last night I went around. Not yet tonight. I headed generally north from the lake I’ve been posting photos around, overland.

The planet is pretty craggy, think Gloviathosa. I picked prominent caves because I like them but they hit the surface in grids all over. Since even in low foliage areas the caves on this planet are leafy - for me it’s pretty cool.

I did ask for, and get a lot of flat space. But much of it has holes in it. I was surprised by this ash plain:

And then out in the middle of it:

For me this is awesome. I love the lush boundless environments. I love the caves. @NerArth has seen some stuff I was fumbling with on Alcyon recently and this planet is, literally, perfect for that. You could create an entire “Ewok Village” type experience here but with rock instead of trunk. Shadows and waterfalls and clean runs all the way down to large sections of exposed (but usually under water) mantle.

This place has definitely got layers. Awesome to look around but nothing to mine. But then again it’s a T3 :rofl:

OF course there’s plenty of water. Some wide open spaces but lots in the caves and crags, as well.

Here’s a lonely little crag:

Getting across the next lake was nice too.

All towards another village sized pile of floating and gleaming mess in the sky

There’s a LOT of gleam here.

Oh, and friendly wild life.

This guy hung around while I fought off a spitter.

This guy and I had a moment, but I fumbled the close-up:

Oh and speaking of beans:

I’m not sure if this planet is any good overall, but right now it sure has that “new planet” smell :rofl:

Also these mashups are great. It’s really hard to do some of this justice with pseudo-random screen caps :thinking:

Have some desert-style tangle, growing on ice, surrounded by trees.

lol what’s even happening with this thing? I saw more of these later on a flat, the tree part I mean. That has to be part of a biome. But in this spot it’s a lot of stuff. This night pic you can see rock, gravel, soil, grass, multiple foliage, multiple trunk, thorn, tangle, ice, gleam - I’m not maybe describing it well but altogether it was a lot going on :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Just because I have them and I don’t remember posting them here are a couple of shots from before I reset the colors. The rocks were a LOT brighter and the foliage was blue.

IDK can you see why I get lost? Im not moving at a rapid pace in any way heh. But I do actually really like this place.


Did you notice the Oortian (man) shaped hole in the foreground?
Looks like someone was sacrificed at such an important structure :stuck_out_tongue:
The dude was even wielding a rather large slate colored rock.


Is this open to public? There’s some nice colors there!

yes. There’s a portal that says TRONK in a back corner of the TNT megahub and through there a portal to the right.

Or, I’m not even sure what it orbits, it’s 340c to warp from minorengle.

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I didn’t lol

By the look of it, something heavy landed on him when he was laying on the ground.
Must have gone through right to the mantle.

Yeah, it’s weird. It’s very difficult to make clear some of these planet features without like 5 shots just for one little feature. (Actually, this makes me think of something I need to try)

When I’ve explored this world so far, I did think that the leafyness of it would be something you’d quite like. The extensive pine forests are like the ones on Xa Frant I think and work quite well on this world.

I would have preferred the old rock colours, but no surprise there. :joy: