6 hour C. ⭕. R. E. marathon hunt, friday the 27th 11pm est - 5am est

heya everyone! last time we didnt give as much of a notice, so i figured i would give more notice this time. we will be doing a 6 hour marathon on the 27th, running shedu tier, malurialakrib, and serpensarindi.

hunt plan:
we have platforms, but if we run out before break, we will ground hunt.
our hunt sessions will last 1h 45 minutes each, then we will take a 15 minute break and do a couple quick prizes before heading off to the next planet.
leader - DJDancecraft
planetary order - shedu tier (diamond bow) malurialakrib (emerald bow) serpensarindi (emerald bow)
(we know that gleambow event was last thanksgiving, and if another one happens, we will do a gleambow marathon)

all 3 times we meet it will be at C. :o:. R. E. /ezpz hunt lodge, accessible via ezpz main hub, C. :o:. R. E. HQ (tnt delta) ,DK mall, gtg, and TNT megahub

our prizes are still being determined as of now, and we will update this post so you know what the prizes are gonna be like.
what we have so far and who donated as of updating:
1 set of perfect forge tools, hammer, shovel, axe and slingbow (N-Fluence)
6 forged slingbows, all gem types (DJDancecraft)
9 winter wonderland lootsticks (whitelet)
100k (whitelet)
20k (DJDancecraft)
9 gold fists - armor, loot, glow (DJDancecraft)
smart stack of rough gems (twisted dragon guild)
1 month gleamclub - steam users only (sorry, thats the only way we could do it) (DJDancecraft)
50k (litlcapt)

we encourage everyone to go out there and have a good time getting oortstone and killing those nasty creatures!

for those who hunt with our friends twisted dragon, we have already talked to them and got this planned out before writing this post. all of our friends no matter what guild are welcome to come and contribute to the prize pot!


marathon hype active


Hype train!!!

New access to CORE/EZPZ now in dkmall lobby


Nice! :star_struck:

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prizes are coming along nicely. remember to let me know if you want to add to the prize pot!

keeping the hype up, donating a stack of winter wonderland sticks (totem looters with snow quirk) and 100k for the prize :slightly_smiling_face:


thats awesome man! big thanks for that

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update: we now have a prize of 1 month gleam club on the board! (sadly because of my limited payment methods, being 13 and all, it can only be used by steam users. i tried, my PS4 friends!)


thanks to @CaptAmerica1611 for donating 50k!


marathon hype! 1 week left to wait. who knows, maybe even more prizes will get thrown in!

also, happy friday!

go support @DragonTamer and the rest of the twisted dragon guild! they will be doing our official warm up hunt so you can prepare!

edit: they have decided to move it to sunday night

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today is the day! cant wait!

Didnt it move to Sunday? When is it exactly by hours (because these timezones are confusing xD).

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it didnt move to sunday, dragontamers hunt moved to sunday (time zone is displayed in title)

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2 hours and 20 minutes left! quick reminder, we will be doing shedu tier first (diamond bow) then malurialakrib (emerald bow) and to end it off serpensarindi (emerald bow)

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here for all with local timezones :wink: for all in non est zone like me :joy:

use next time for time info this here, than all see the time in the local timezone


people tend to get confused by it sometimes lol

from what confused ? it is annoying always to search for a tool to make any time zone to local time zone, like me as example, i have cet /gmt and i have +6 hours from your. If i read only the 11pm (27. nov) all is fine, but after see that this is in my time zone 5am (28.nov) nothing was fine more :weary:

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no, people often say “what time zone?” and i have to explain to them how it works

that’s exactly why you should use the date function, so that everyone gets their local time displayed

but i need to go sleep now its here short before 4am

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