🐲 Twisted Dragon Hunt Thursday 1:00AM TO 2:00AM EST CANCELED

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We will be reposting shortly for the hunt to be moved to Sunday night. We have had some irl holiday stuff get in the way, as well as community members not able to attend due to the holiday.
We are sorry if you had planned to come but we do not think it is a good idea and many people will be away with family and loved ones for the holiday.


Hey Guys, hunt this Thursday night 2020-11-27T06:00:00Z β†’ 2020-11-27T07:00:00Z

We will be hunting in Dracones Mundi

This will be the Official Thanksgiving C.:o:.R.E. Marathon HUNT WARM UP HUNT! Link to @DJDancecraft post on the Marathon Hunt at the bottom of the post.
Make sure to check out the C.O.R.E hunt before ours!

For everyone still at the hunt at it’s completion we have the following raffles!
3 Bows from @Primetime18 from Fantasy Tree!
2 Bows from @DJDancecraft
3 Hammers from our Guild Mate @11Elvis11
THE WEEKLY JACKPOT IS UP TO 30K One Roll for this if no one wins 10K gets added to the pot. Community members are welcome to contribute to the jackpot pot as well!

We will hunt with BOWS ONLY, we have a couple people who are experienced bomb users that will clear trees and such when needed however these folks have been designated ahead of time. We also have members that are healers but welcome all the healers we can get!

Meet at the Twisted Dragon Planet Portal Hub on Dracones Mundi . Go to the TNT Mega Hub and Enter the Sovereign Planets sections and we are to the right :dragon_face: Twisted Dragon :dragon_face: is on the portal sign.


About Our Hunts
Our goal with the late night hunts, is to provide a laid back but fast paced hunt with an adult atmosphere that is a marathon until the majority rules the hunt over. During the hunt we will take breaks here and there to let people get a drink, go to the rest room etc. We encourage everyone to talk and converse with one another as well as join our Discord channel linked above!

C.:o:.R.E Thanksgiving Marathon Hunt

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awesome! cant wait! it will also be a good warmup for everyone attending the 6 hour marathon the day after


Yes it will! Totally stoked. Wish I could do the turkey day hunt but alas I will be traveling to relatives house for a small thanksgiving dinner and wont be back until the wee hours in the morning (Long Drive)

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Just reminding everyone our weekly hunt is tonight!

@DJDancecraft can you please Post the time for Marathon hunt again , got a Bit confused .

So Google can Tell me the time Here in Germany, thx in advance.

@DragonTamer has your hunt already started?

@Turrican2006 We canceled it because we messed up. The title said to ight but post copy said to me tomorrow night and people got confused.so we are rescheduling for sunday.

11pm est - 5am est friday


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