A problem in Moebius Plaza


Again more ugly buildings to spoil the Moebius Plaza


what the heck…griefers strike again! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: it looks like an ant colony :unamused:


I see Anshetarian said he did the construction to spoil Moebius Plaza

Ridiculous Roads

I felt like it

This thing goes on for quite a while. In multiple locations.


10/10 :joy: :ok_hand:


this looks like a quite cool modern art… for sth that is griefing lol


“I felt like it” xD

And this is only a taste of what griefing will look like come 1.0.


drac facepalm


Regen Bombs FTW… please devs release these!


@james Are you online bud?


(Online via my phone.)


Personally, I think this looks quite nice. Very outlandish, and surprising. Just look at the abstract!


Wow. What an asshole that guy is, why even waste the time to do that?

Luckily Moebius helps so many people he can recruit an army to help remove it pretty fast. :sunglasses:


lets not call names just yet - sometimes people do sth silly they think might be funny but are not really bad guys

AND LEAVE THAT THING ALONE FOR A DAY OR TWO - give regeneration a chance; stay away and see what happens; if asked nicely the author of the sculpture might even offer removing it himself


A few blocks MIGHT be funny. This is straight up griefing.


He won’t. He finds no fault in his actions, only in the “system” that has allowed him to do such a thing.


He/she/they are asking if it’s liked, so maybe they’re just trying to build what they think looks cool. Idk.


For those that assisted in tearing down the blocks, Thank you for doing so. Anyone that is in need of replacement hammers may stop by my shop at anytime and I will gladly replace them for free.


To anyone interested. Let me openly declare that I’ve had no ill intent in mind doing the building.
I’ve only built this to surprise and open eyes toward an abstract organic building-style. No symmetry, no order. Only chaos.

And yeah. I also felt like doing the building because it’s at great contrast given the scenery where all things are nearly equal boxes One higher and stretched further than the other. So the scenery required some attention.

I kinda wanted to build using a rotation every 360 degrees every 1.618 seconds but I couldn’t keep up. Also it would probably give me a health-issue. And lastly the blocks wouldn’t always perfectly snap where I wanted to position them creating a bit of an unwanted oddity in there. I then quickly turned to building where open space ‘required’ it.

Indeed I mentioned that the mechanics allowed this @Eldwen in a response to people that seem to find it easy to simply threaten me with ‘getting the devs’ for some strange reason, while the server, the game and my brain were functioning well within given parameters (and as intended).

There are no flaws or errors.


^ Epic Troll :joy: