A Quick Start Adventure

So tonight I created a new character to do some hard research for the ‘Money From the Minter’ thread I started today.

I was going to get some numbers on working your way from nothing to forged diamond gear using only the chrysominter and coffers for coins. At this point I’m not even thirty minutes into this new character and I’m so much further ahead of where I thought I’d be I decided to start a thread about this for some laughs.

With the exception of my forger (who still hasn’t completed the tutorial) I haven’t started a new character since I was actually pretty new.

I started on trior, just picked a spot near a large city, it turned out to be illuminaughty. I crept for 50 meters (One Step At A Time), then sprinted towards town. I had to sim a little ways to get there and when I did I ran around the mall for a few more meters (Speed Runner I) and then hit a portal network.

I took a few side portals on my way to Raxxa (Star Explorer) and requested to join a guild with a shared chrysominter. I swam around the base a little more while I waited (1000 leagues Under The Sea) and within a few minutes of starting the game I found myself with 400 coins and access to a fully coiled chrysominter.

Response times from a guild can vary, of course. Still…

Opening those coffers got me a couple of levels, and a couple more coffers.

The economy has changed a lot since I started and I still want to look at earning with the minter not the economy. But with the shop scanner in place early participation in the economy is a breeze, so I bought a pair of iron grapples for 35c each and a fist for 30c.

Then I headed off to get a titanium axe I found in the shop scanner for 300c. Not the cheapest int he universe but a fair deal and I already had the coin. I was smashing some earthyams for food and managed to get (Seed Collector I) before I made the 1200m to the axe I was after.

I bought the axe for 300c and by the time I made it back to the guild area I picked up the (Weekly Experience Bonu)s and the (Daily Experience Bonus).

At this point if I hadn’t bought the titanium axe I could afford an unforged gem. Still I bought a couple of copper tools for 25c each I think I’m going to do the tutorial. Also I got level 5 for opening those coffers.

My current situation after maybe 20 minutes of active gameplay:

I paused for some forum responses and other RL activity so also already got the daily activity bonus of 100c. I’ll update after I smash some stuff.

EDIT Actually I’m scatterbrained but after a break I decided I’d better get back on my minter research for now. More on this later. I plopped down a beacon controller so i could have a home beaconnear the guild minter. This got me another 100 coffer coins.


I have to run a little ways to a place where I know there are thorns on raxxa. Two things to note:

  • I’m used to max forged gem and rift grapples. These iron grapples are KILLING ME OMG.

  • As the picture above shows, I’m passing up tons of potential coin saving these axes to see what I can make off of the minter.

Edited in later:

I put some skill points into agility to speed up the trip, then moved them into axe mastery and power once i got here, this got me (Talented Citizen I) and the trip earned me (Going The Distance I). I opened them to get enough exp for the next level.

With this build it took me almost 11 minutes to burn up a copper axe, 2-hitting thorn blocks. This netted me 343 blocks which will return me 192.08 from the guild minter. The axe cost me 25 coins.

This is close to a 768% ROI in 11 minutes.

Still I’m a little disappointed, completing the tutorial would have probably gotten me a couple more skill points and this would have been considerably higher. With no skill points in luck orb drops were negligible, at 10 vital orbs.

In a few minutes I’ll see what the titanium axe does. It should 1-hit.


Ahh yea that pesky luck skill

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Ok this surprised me, but it makes sense when you think about it.

For this guy, the copper axe was a lot better than the titanium one. With the titanium axe I was able to harvest 1492 thorns in approximately 40 minutes. This will mint for 835.52 coins, or a 278% profit.

I edited the numbers in my earlier post for the correct fully coiled mint value of a thorn block, 0.56c. I had mistakenly calculated at .5 earlier. This makes the copper look even better with a real profit of 768%.

In terms of coins per minute the copper axe brought in 17.46 coins per minute, and the titanium brought in 20.88 coins per minute. The massive ROI on the copper really outweighs the titanium’s barely superior coins per minute in profitability though.

To clarify, using copper each 1c cost me 0.13c in investment. Using titanium each 1c cost me roughly .36c in investment. Just another way of looking at the ROI percentages.

At level 6-7 farming blocks for the chrysominter is not the best way to make money. However we have some dedicated soloists here and this test does show that it’s an effective method for multiplying your coffer coins in a safe and easy fashion.

The coils do help push the totals up but I could have easily bought a clean chrysominter with my first coffer coins and more copper instead of titanium. Without relying on shared coils the copper axe would have returned 137.2 coins at an ROI of 548% per copper axe, without even having the skills to use it properly.

I’ll advance this guy a little more later. At that point I’ll revisit these numbers and maybe include a silver axe in the comparison. As it stands, my character is level 7, and has 2052 coins in hand. Still no tutorial so he’s only completed 6 feats plus the dailies - and already earned 1027 coins in the field.

He actually has enough coin to buy a couple of gem tools or even better, a couple stacks of alloy tools. So if you’re not against “participating in the economy” (I’m not) he’s ready to start earning thousands of coins per hour. He has about 90 minutes of active gameplay.

Oh yeah and about 60 orbs. That’s a couple hundred coin if I took time to find a basket.

For fun I’m going to burn up a copper axe with a skilled axe user. I’ll edit in the result.

EDIT - Results from a fully skilled axe user:

OK I went out with my regular axe harvester. He has full axe and damage skills, mastery, epics, etc… and still has to 2-hit thorn blocks with a copper axe.

However he also has luck, and durability drain. This means he was able to harvest 494 thorn blocks taking about 12 minutes to use up the axe. This is an ROI of 276.64c or 1106.5%.

This is also approximately 23.05c per minute, outperforming the rate of the low level character with titanium at a much lower investment. With full luck he also received 54 vital orbs.

Still while this is a good way to help get a new character rolling, it’s definitely an activity best suited to bootstrapping your character into more profitable tasks.

I’ll return to the new character later.


I recently did a similar experiment with a new character but I actually didn’t use a minter instead my aim was to make as much coin as possible by using the economy.
It took about 2 weeks of on and off play with that character and he made over 800k just buying items cheap, crafting them and then selling or simply just gathering and mining and running around the universe selling to baskets.


Yes this started out as a look at strictly using the minter to make coins. Thorn blocks are worth as much to the minter as growth/mould/etc… However they’re sparse at these low levels and the vital orbs aren’t worth nearly the coin that the shimmers (growth) or pulsating(mould) are.

If I really needed to make money on this guy, at <90 minutes in he has enough money to start buying gem tools, and some buffs to maximize their effectiveness. He’s used the guild minter to get some extra coin but hammering through the tutorial for the additional skill points and a couple of more coffers would have been a more effective long-term use of his time, IMO.

This was done as research on the minter topic specifically to provide the actual hard numbers, even if they’re not that great. Since I already have the mid and upper level builds to look at more effective uses of the minter I might return to this guy and spend some time looking at getting to mid-level without being broke or investing tons of hours to get a few coin, as it’s something I still see complaints/concerns about.

I also realized today it’s been quite some time since I’ve seen a lot of talk about opportunities for “iron man” style soloists in the game. I have no idea if that’s because the ones that were here moved on, or if the minter has been a solution to their issues.

Sorry, it’s gotten late here so I guess I’m sort of rambling again. Anyways I’m definitely not trying to suggest that this is the best way to build a boundless empire :slightly_smiling_face:

iron grapples kill me too. im used to range forged grapples