About resource world regen

Well i have a few questions about resources and world regen:

  1. How long does it take for metals and gems to respawn?
  2. Do regen bombs affect the respawn?
  3. does a plot nearby change the respawn time?
  4. Do the seams always respawn at the same place?
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  1. Not 100% sure but blocks and surface resources start respawning after 2 hrs, I think. Seams after 4 hrs, I believe (hence situations when you visit a public mine and see blocks respawned but seams still not there).
    It takes a while for it to happen over an area (they don’t respawn all at once).
  2. Don’t know. Interesting question though - never thought about it.
  3. No, Just visits of players in the area.
  4. No. Missing seams can respawn anywhere on a world, where it CAN naturally occur (if requirements like altitude or type of blocks are met that is). Repeatedly mined hot spot can get thin over time and other areas that hasn’t been mined in the same period, will get resource-dense.

Regen Bombs only redo the blocks and surface resources, not seams.

Resources are spread out over the world based on their location definitions. There is a longer term thinning issue (I forget the specifics) but it would be really nice if we could get them to rebuild/gen the whole worlds again so distribution is back to original and not a result of major resource collection.

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I think he asks whether instant block respawn means that resources start respawning earlier.
NATURAL REGEN: blocks after 2hrs; seams 2 hrs after blocks
BOMB: blocks instant, so will seams start respawning 2 hours after bomb, or the system will still count 2 hrs first (ignoring the fact that the blocks are actually there after the bomb) and then additional 2 hours before seams come back.

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I think block from regen bomb are considered has the dug_up version. So the world regen will ovewrite them then distribution is done again.


Not the plots, but if the Chunk is currently loaded by a player it will stop the regen protocol. Once it’s unloaded again, it will restart.

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I thought the dug-up quality was what prevented orbs from dropping from blocks that have already been harvested?


Ahh… ummm I think it still runs at the 4 hour timer but not 100% sure.

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well from my understanding the dug up quality prevents xp and reduces drops. but from my experience with vertical farming both has more todo with time/blocks destroyed between the hit on the block

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Thank, this helps me greatly.

With nr2 i meant if it reduces the timer like you thought yes. i am a bit interested how this works or if they have a specific pattern

can you tell me more about the thinning issue? or do you have possible further reads on that?

The thinning can happen overtime in a given chunk if you only mine/gather a particular resource and ignore the rest.

One of our TNT members has a planet with a great amount of stardrop plants, and if you only break those for the bitter beans the regen count gets lower. If however you also break the boulder chips along the way the count remains better.


It was way too long ago when I talked with James to remember most of it. Sorry… Envyv77’s comment was close but I just don’t remember it if was only for surface resources or all resources. Basically a newly rebuild planet has a better distribution than one that has been around… At one point they did rebuild (rebuild is not the right word) the planets and we had the distributions back. Overall it isn’t something that we have to worry much about now since the player population is so low.

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Ah ok, thanks alot

So basically the stardrops count gets lower and the chips count gets up?

Resources spawn according to a pre-defined (at world generation) chunk density.

If a given chunk has something like 10 gems, 15 hard coal, 15 fossils, 30 iron, 10 gold, 10 flowers and 5 mushrooms, and 5 boulders it’s going to respawn resources according to those percentages.

So if someone comes through deep and mines 50% of those minable resources (50 items), the regen is likely to also regenerate some surface resources, as it will regenerate something like this:

10% gems = 5(ish) gems
15% hard coal = 7(ish) hard coal
15% fossils = 7(ish) hard fossils
30% iron = 15(ish) iron
10% gold = 5(ish) gold
10% flowers = 5(ish) flowers
5% fungus = 3(ish) fungus
5% boulders = 2(ish) boulders

Now since it was a miner that came through and it was 50 underground resources taken, you can see that after regenerating 50 random resources according to the initial chunk density - the chunk will have flowers, boulders, and fungus added during the respawn.

If nobody ever surface gathers here, and miners come through occasionally, the surface resources in the chunk will grow denser over time, and the mined resources will be unable to spawn back to their original densities.

This is how a hot spot gets “thinner over time”. It’s a good idea to go surface gathering around your favorite mining spots, or mine under your gathering spots, from time to time because of it.


Here’s a random thread about some tuning that was done aroudn the release. It’s a fair jump off point if you still want more details

It says full regen of a given chunk was happening in roughly 85 hours at the monitored places.


maybe i am wrong about the dug up quality, just not sure the block regenerated by bomb are considered like “natural”.

After 4 hours of no changes to the world, regen will begin. It stops if there is activity but resumes almost immediately if no changes were made. If it regens even a block, a regen bomb is a change to the chunk.

It’s slightly helpful to regen bomb some digging you just did. Overall though it’s not a lot, and bombing someone else’s (pre-existing) damage may actually extend things.


thanks alot that clears up my questions

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In cse nobody mentioned it, I think I recall that exoplaanet mined resources don’t regenerate

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