Action Speed Cap?

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Is there an action speed cap? if so what is it?

Optimizing tools/brews use… Thanks!!


Yes there is. I think it’s like 140

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is there a way to check while using a brew what your total action speed is?

I don’t remember the character info UI actually showing the total :thinking:

Whatever the total is with topaz base shovel, speed brew 4, max dex, max bonus stat, shovel masteries and shovel epic, that definitely reaches cap

Iirc @AeneaGames is an expert on this topic

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Ha thanks Fire but sadly I’m not. I know @Mayumichi did some observations once to determine certain effects but it’s not complete and kinda hard to replicate.

Thing is, I have no idea how much for sure a mega fast brew adds to the initial action speed for instance. Also not 100% sure if the brew works before or after skill/base tool/forged stats.

I know that the max is around 120-130 iirc but I don’t really have a way to use the numbers so it’s not something that stuck in my head too much.

What I do know is that, with for instance sapphire tools, if you add level 8 action speed with the forge that you’re close to the maximum and that with level 9 you go over the maximum. And since the difference between the 2 are barely noticeable while mining I always stop at level 8 while forging…

I would love to have a table or a webpage where we can lookup a tool type, select our char stats, add the forged action level and add the speed brew used to see what the result is in actual in game swings per second.

I have once tried to determine it while looking the amount of energy used per second, since the game shows you that at the bottom but it felt somehow inaccurate. I mean, it showed the same energy use for lvl 8 and 9 sapphire tools even tho you can feel and see 9 is slightly faster (and I mean slightly)

Maybe I should try again to see if I can get some usable numbers…


Just realised that whenever I say lvl 8 speed I mean 9, and when I say 9 I should have said 10!


I never paid attention to @Pfiffel tool with the damage and other stats. But it may have speed in it @AeneaGames. I’d check myself if I wasn’t trying to get to sleep. Lol.

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Haha, go sleep! But as far as I know it has no speed info, sadly, would be the perfect place to add it too…

yeah just trying really hard to maximize tool and brew usage. Like lvl 9 boon do I even need a mega? would it be faster than a normal/improved? Also agreed would love to know if it is a % affect based on tool/skill stats or a flat effect

I use my trap card to summon @wakeNbake in attack mode!


I bet a Max forged topaz speed slingbow with speed augment 2 and a mega fast brew + max skills would reach it!

Oh and don’t forget the bomb speed buff, I think that affects action speed too

Cannot simply ignore a summon I suppose! :joy:

Information I learned via this thread:

The maximum action speed is 120 for tools.

With all the appropriate skills that add action speed to a specific tool you will have 40 action speed from skills.

So with a sapphire tool (30 base) you will have 70 action speed without any extra speed forged on it and 120 (speed cap) with level 10 action speed forge on it.

A mega Fast Brew will double your speed.

So equipping a diamond tool (15 Base) with all the necessary skills you will have 55 action speed before drinking a brew. With a Mega Fast Brew you will have 110. Forge level 1 busy bee on to the diamond tool and you will be at the action speed cap with a Mega Fast Brew.

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The energy numbers should be a valid way of measuring it, but you’ll need a long time to get a good observation. The numbers accumulate fast hits in to one number, and the time period most likely won’t be exactly equal to your tool speed, so there’s going to be some variation between some action speeds depending when you stop counting.

In my post I basically did it by tuning a metronome to the hit sounds, it’s here for those interested

The result was that mega fast adds to the tooltip number (which includes skill and forge effects)

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Argh, yes, thanks you two, now I’m starting to remember some more things for when I was also looking into this. I forgot quite a bit!

I also edited my post above, I made a booboo with my saphire tools thing, I always go for lvl 9 action speed on them! Had a brain fart apparently since a lvl 8 is what I would sell, a lvl 9 is one I keep for personal use :slight_smile:

Anyway, I remembered more after reading the above 2 posts!
So when the max is 120 and I add lvl 9 speed boon to saph on a maxed out miner spec the hammer speed is 115, going to level 10 would mean it’s 125 but it’s capped at 120 so you lose half the extra speed hence why I stop at lvl 9.

It’s weird, forging has become a bit of an automatic thing that many things I once was a bit obsessed with have faded away a bit.

Perhaps I need to hit the mj less :smiley:

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Lol, that’s never the answer.

So the tools itself cap at 120. Do characters have a max cap? Like 120 action on tool + 100% increase on brew mean 240?

The tools show you the speed of your current char’s stats AND the tool…

Same as with dmg really…

So total cap is at 120…?

Yeah, as far as I know, and we’ve seen that might not be correct, lol

But yeah, when you look at a tool’s stats you will see the base stat of the tool and the speed of the forging plus the current char’s stats

Did this change? Or the values are not linear? I forged a speed 6 and it only gave me +30, that means it gives +5 per level. Am I missing something?
This would mean that a diamond tool (shovel in my case) would go only to 105 with speed 10 (no potion), am I correct?