Display points added to stats by buffs

Don’t spill them! They sale like hot cakes!

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Always with the beans!

Inconclusive! Hard to manually tell whether you axe swing speed is 95 or 110 :neutral_face:

Edit: But my preference is for a high speed tool with strength brew, with the energy saver buff. For 7 minutes of continuous block destroying!

I’m not sure either, it’s one of the things I still want to look into deeper for eventually making proper dps calculations. Did you try checking in the character attributes panel in the profile tab? It has a bunch of summaries about stats.

I really do think a lot of tool tips in general could use some more detailed information.

Yeah, the character stats page, under ‘combat and effect’ shows the speed adder stats, but it doesn’t show any difference after adding buff!

By the way, I had forgotten to mention this elsewhere, but a while back when I was on testing using the brew and bomb speed buffs, with maxed action speed stats, I noticed there seems to be a hard cap to swing speed. :thinking:

That doesn’t surprise me!

Just another reason to give us the actual numbers, I think?

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Did you actually hit objects with it? I was just testing this before my character bugged out so I can’t continue, but I noticed that the animation has a lower cap than the (possible) actual hit speed.

The animation does have a lower cap, yes. I did test it against blocks, though I should do a more well structured and longer timed test. (I counted a few seconds only and number of blocks broken + paid attention to the sound of blocks breaking)

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Action Speed is capped at 150 but basically soft-caps at 125. Thanks to @a13o who worked this out a while back:

I guess this might mean that it does indeed raise AS to 110 in this case, but the actual hits per seconds aren’t doubled due to diminishing returns.

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Plotted some data and found out that the brew does increase the final action speed (base + skill + forge) by 2x.

Interesting things to note:

  • Gaps where increased action speed doesn’t do anything, then jumps considerably
  • Mega fast brew doesn’t do much on lower action speeds, 7% increase with action speed 5, 100% at 40, 250% at 70

Confirmed the forge behaviour with just 2 samples, I’m not going to forge speed on all tools just to get more samples :smiley:

edit: fixed a few things in the chart, now says dex instead of agi…


Damn, how did you even get this data?

How did you work out the hits per second?

I wouldn’t even know where to start!

Lol my methods are really simple, http://www.beatsperminuteonline.com/

You can change it to beats per second and show more decimals. The go to a place where you can’t break blocks, swing the tool and smash that site as you listen to the sound your tool is making.

Heh, either your pulling my leg or I’m missing something obvious here!

I can’t see how to use that to work out.

Heh, just seen your edit as typing this.

Not that I’m doubting your coordination, but I’m guessing that it’s not necessarily going to be completely accurate, but a good approximation at least?

Yes they aren’t as accurate as they could be, but accurate enough to see how the curves behave. Usually the numbers I got were within 0.03 of each other where the action speeds matched. The longer you tap the more accurate it becomes since it averages out human error.


So there seems to be a hard cap at 8.2 hits per second?

Meaning if your stats are maxed out with mega fast, then the tool only has to be at 40+ speed.

Though (in my limited understanding), I would have expected action speed 80 with no brew to have the same hits per second as action speed 40 with mega fast brew, as you are in theory just making the action speed the same for both.

Also, comparing skills at 40 and skills + brew at 40, it triples the hits per second.

Not quite sure what’s going on with some of it, perhaps to do with the way the game rounds off numbers when calculating!

This is the case, my chart might have some bad formatting, I’m not very good at presenting data :smiley: The action speeds in the charts are always the tool base action speeds to make them comparable in the visual chart. Meaning in the second set (with fast brew), action speed 40 is in practice 80.

If you look at the rows highlighted with a blue background, you’ll see they all match. The end result action speeds with all the modifiers are equal too.

Here’s all the raw data you see in the chart, somebody who knows how to make it prettier please do so

It’s why a tool with +50 action speed AND a mega fast brew is rather overkill…

Edit: and I just should’ve continued to read before replying!!


I beg to differ!

I can see the non-skill tables fine.

Its when you add the skills in I guess I’m not getting.

You have highlighted skills 30 and skills + brew 5, why wouldn’t that be skills + brew 15?

BTW, apologies for all the questions, if you can’t be arsed just tell me, this is more out of ‘academic’ interest than anything else.

Does this explain it better?

I don’t mind the questions, ‘academical interest’ is why I’m doing stuff like this anyway. Also just bored waiting for the farming update :smiley:

Yes, it’s the +20 for skills, I think that was just starting to settle into my brain!

Thanks for making it clear.

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