🆖 Added 100+ hammers, more to come! Original Forgeries, Nova Golda Market, Trung

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Ahh the familiar Original Forgeries market stall at Nova Golda Market on Trung. Though it changed quite a bit!

Let’s have a closer look!

The most popular items neatly presented in one nice long row with new sign colours and new prices!

High end T6 from 7999c to 8999c, T5 from 6999c to 7999c!

Of course the familiar T7 range for use with Mega Strength Brews have seen a price drop as well!

The highly popular metal tools are still here, tho I have to admit, I’ve been focusing on adding more gem tools past week but that will change soon.

And Bombs, lootsticks, chisels, spanners and liquid tools still present, tho they will move to another spot in a few days…

And where would they move to? Well…

There’s a new basement!!

Ahhh, so much space! I can expand the number of different products rather easily this way!

And here are quite a few new additions to the Budget Line of tools!
Random third boon, lesser speed or dura as the high end upstairs ones and the tools that sadly got a quirk and/or defect!

You can hammer away on a T6 quirk/defect free from 4499c!

Want speed or durability? But not enough coin for the high end gear? We got you covered!

The old Budget Line has expanded too!
These are made for use with Mega Strength Brews.

Now also making them from all kinds of gems but since some are easier to do than other I’ve divided them into 3 categories where diamond and emerald are the cheapest, topaz and amethyst the most expensive but they do give additional benefits over others. Topaz tools are FAST! and have a base durability of 2400 for example.

Same display for shovels and axes of course!

I now focused most of my time to get the hammer count up, will start adding more axes and shovels soon.

And same goes for Grapples and Slingbows, never really my main thing but I will keep adding some here and there over time as usual!

Well, that’s it for me for now! Hope you will enjoy the new shopping at Original Forgeries!

Portals are at Ultima Eresho 2x2 shop portal area, Nova Golda Mini Market (across Jacey’s Mall), DK’s Ultima Tree, Legendville hub, Fantasy Tree hub, PS Lamblis, PS Trung, Ultima Trung, Nova Golda is TNT Network’s Trung destination, TNT MegaHub, Hunt Hive and many, many others!


Very nice!! :star_struck::+1:

Always a favorite place to spend my coin! :slight_smile: Love your work! And anybody who hasn’t - pay a visit!!


And I love finding your coin in my shop stands! :smile:


What makes it a T7 tool?

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That together with a Mega Strength Brew it will one hit T7 rocks.

For T7 I generally prefer the action speed ones since you can’t take Fast brews with it and they make you go as fast as a non speedy one with a fast brew!

I also tend to use more than one gem for it, my personal preference is for Sapphire, need to get those to damage level 9 tho in order to 1 hit T7 with a strength brew which also makes them slightly harder to do than regular T6 diamond ones…


Nice :slight_smile:

I do seem to remember that when your old market went away that the new one was gonna be small, haha

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The Nova Golda Market is way smaller than the one in New Leyden ever was. I now only added a basement under the forgery stall and sneaked a bit by adding parts of the market path in the basement, hehe.

Do you have any titanium AOE shovels and Axes?? I don’t have time forge myself and need a stack of each to finish my farm.


Starting to forge some now!

Will have some in like 80 minutes!

Might be a little longer as I had to craft some first, yikes!


I’ll be by later for the axes! :smiley:

No rush… at work and won’t be on for another 8 hrs… but I’ll scoop up what you got available! Thanks

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Got 3 stacks of axes currently setting and one with shovels.

Also crafting more titanium tools so I can forge more later but that probably is tomorrow…

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Nice! Will have a look. I even use titanium hammers on T6 with food n brew… so would buy those too!!.. maybe even buy a “I :heart: titanium” bumper stickers if you have those too!! Haha


On one of the more recent rift exos I tested it and even there, on a T7, with my build at least, it wasn’t a really huge difference in speed using them. Definitely functional :slight_smile: And for T5s I really prefer them… I’ve mentioned before, but Aenea’s affordable 3X3s were how I really got my financial footing in Boundless, enabling me to become addicted as I am now, once I started earning enough coin to get what I couldn’t or didn’t want to make myself. :smiley:

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I like the low energy drain. I do carry them to T7 as well sometimes for rock and gleam, but I prefer fast gem hammers on T7 for ore and gems. Usually Ruby and Sapphire are my preference. Perhaps @AeneaGames will be my new titanium tool dealer!! Lol


@AeneaGames got the shovels and axes I needed plus a bunch of gem hammers I couldn’t resist!! thanks!!

Nice! And thanks!

Have more titanium tools setting in several forges at the moment…

Probably tomorrow morning that I wil stock those tho, or if I can’t sleep sooner…


Thanks, got a few axes last night, plus a few more titanium hammers - I gave away a few to a newcomer, and of course have let him know where to go for more. :wink:

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With the other things I’ve been doing in game, I havent had much time to forge/gather mats so after stumbling on your place while portal hopping the other day when I did my mining profitability runs, I decided to run back by and picked up 9 more topaz hammers. Think I may have grabbed 20~ from you since Friday.

ps: those hammer stands are getting empty.

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Lol I know, am crafting quite a few topaz hammers at the moment.

Not able to get to it today anymore sadly but tomoreow this time I should have some back in stock!