Airships [And other misc vehicles that seem pointless next to airships]

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Ok, so… Because it’s Oortytech, perhaps it could be a combination of what’s depicted in this image, and the stuff in Treasure Planet.


has been discussed. maybe as a late game thing, but i am still personally against anything that gives you the ability to fly freely.

I tried to find anything related to this and couldn’t find it. Even used the search feature. Oh well.

Airships would be far more limiting than you might think. Speeds would be slow unless you only plan on going in a straight direction, you can’t do much about what’s below you interactively wise, and wind simulations will create a challenge in itself. Plus, they’d be SUPER Advanced and very expensive to build, so most people would need to hitch rides anyhow.

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Thats because it was in the old forum.

Mountain Bikes pls!? NEED THESE.

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Eh, I’ve always been a fan of airships, but I would hate to see them become the premier means of exploration in game. Perhaps if they were confined to point to point travel much like a warp, but slower and more expensive. I just don’t want to see air travel exploited like flight in WoW.

Yep that is the biggest problem in any game using flying mounts of any kind, they render groundmounts completely useless, and they are like a safe space where nobody has to fear dying.

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There are plenty of automatic tradeoffs that other games dont even have the resources to trade away. Ground discovery, resource gathering, lootable NPCs and structures, etc.

I do however like the point to point travel idea which I may amend the magic lore idea thread I have going for something you just gave me an idea for. Perhaps rather than bring able to control the destination, you have to sail along a predefined air path provided by some kind of larger scale shifters.

I’ll explain more in the thread, then link the details in this post to there when I do.

I really like the idea of airships!
though the idea of them being point to point teleports is a terrible idea

the reason flight mechanics are used so much in games (often to the point of overuse) is because flight is FUN
people LOVE flight mechanics because they love flying around
However I can sympathize with the kind of people who hate fun and want to limit it
(no I can’t, but I’ll humor you for the sake of argument) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Airships would be a much easier way to balance flight than jet packs because Airships could be multiblock structures that can’t be transferred to new worlds once built.
as such it couldn’t be a primary means of exploration only a means of transportation.
also their fuel could be Oort Shards from the world they were built on, that would prevent someone from just bringing the blocks with them through a portal and building the ship (you could still do this but it wouldn’t move until you found enough shards to power it)


Also since it is a SANDBOX game, freedom is one of the main things. I agree that it would need some balancing since it is also an RPG, but it should not take away from the awesomeness of flying around.


most people doesm’t fly because it is fun most people fly because it is convenient. if your argument was correct then nobody would ever fight in wow, they would just fly around because its amazing, same with dragons prophet, almost every dragon can fly, but do you think people fly because it is fun?

i will almost guarantee you that if you ask ANY wow player why they use flying mount instead of ground they will say ‘‘because it easier’’ almost nobody will say ‘‘because it is fun’’

if your argument stands and its only the flying and not the convenience then think about this. If they made an airship that would only move 1/20th block every second would you still use it? i mean… its still flying!

most of those who want flying are those people who want pure convenience, because flying is always better and easier than moving on ground, because you dont have to go over obstacles and nothing can hurt you in the air.

Freedom and No limitations are 2 quite differnt things though. flying is cool without a doubt, but it also removes nearly every reason to ever travel on ground.

I think it would be fine in they were fairly slow, and the only way to get on/off is at actual docks that are built in towns.


and the point of them being there other than ‘‘it would be neat’’? any sort of reason you would ever build an airship?

EDIT: What would those airships be used for?

But they would be really slow and only used to trasport a whole guild to their base(or maybe even a dead titan). I think it would be pretty cool

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so simply add it because it can be added? alright? i just agree with havok,they would just become the way of exploring in game, cause what would the penalty be for using it? even if it was a slow as walking speed it would still remove any sort of danger from the ground, and if it was slower people most likely wouldnt use it, again, because its about convenience.

i dont mind flying, i also think its cool, i just hate how it completely ruins any part travelling that isnt flying.

another good example which isnt about flying is Saints row 4, because you had superpowers you could get from A to B so much faster than using a car that you would never use it, unless you forced yourself to use it for immersion, hence rendering the amazing car customization system completely useless.

also cubeworld, the glider moved so fast that no mount would ever be able to follow up, i would always just use glider because it was the most convenient, kinda removing the point of having mounts.

most modern games just refuse to deal with flying mounts, because they see how much it ruins ground travel. almost none i have seen within the last years had flying mount, only one i can think of is dragon prophet, and that was only because it was the selling point of the game.

Airships of some kind can be tolerable if they function as a public transport (that goes from point A to point B and back, like public transport system in MMO).


yeah i also wouldnt mind that too much (although it seems kinda overkill to make an entire airship for that) but the argument above was that ‘‘it was stupid to do that’’

especially because its a sandbox game with a harder death penalty there shouldnt be easy ways out like this, i also think it would be cool to have an interconnected wayshrine system that allows you to transport to placed areas around the world, but i didnt suggest it, because that would kinda remove the danger of going from one area to another, since you can just teleport between the cities if you want to trade and never fear dying.

[quote=“Zouls, post:19, topic:1021”]
i also think it would be cool to have an interconnected wayshrine system that allows you to transport to placed areas around the world, but i didnt suggest it, because that would kinda remove the danger of going from one area to another, since you can just teleport between the cities if you want to trade and never fear dying.
[/quote] This is basically the warp system being discussed, minus the connected part.