Any Updates You Want (Future, Soon)

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Some stuff I thought about
Every time I see an “Update” thread I get excited about the possibilities. (was originally posted in "What new update would you like to have?)


Temple/Dungeon Update

  • Dungeons
  • Random World Chests

Building Update

  • Ladders
  • More decor: Furniture/furniture creation (even unusual alien like stuff)
  • More/New textured blocks
  • Maybe a couple of switches or something, I dunno (The more stuff the better)
  • Creature trophies
  • Armor Stand/Weapon Stand (A stand/shelf/rack that stands from the ground, something that hangs off a wall or ceiling)

World Environment Update

  • More diverse environments
  • Saplings
  • More creatures/mobs with differences in combat type and visual appearance

Player Update

  • Pets
  • Cosmetics (That can be found, crafted, and earned. Could be clothes, hats, etc)
  • Level Locking (Ex. In RuneScape you have to reach a certain level before you can use/do certain things.)
  • Armor


  • Transportation (Tame a Wildstock and it becomes your pet and you can ride it? Maybe even same with any creature/mob?)
  • Flying transportation: I dunno, craft leaves into a glider and then take leather and make it a stronger glider. Maybe craft metals into flying craft parts and use petrolim for fuel?

Ladders would be cool. But we need them to be interactive and not like the chairs/tables

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I am still wanting minecarts and rails.

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I’m still waiting on my spaceships update #NoMorePortals :stuck_out_tongue:


Im still waiting on sticky pistons and switches. But I would settle for doors made out of every type of block there is so it blends completely in like I’d use the sticky pistons for


Again, you are a sticky piston :rofl:

I’m still hoping they add writable books and fillable book shelves so we can be authors.

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Guest books, item display signs, etc.


There are likely no major updates any time soon beyond this next 249 one and 249 itself may not be coming for a loooooong time. My prediction is that we will not see 249 on live servers until mid-June and that means they will have spent 8 months developing it. You all are wasting your breath with these posts asking for things in this game.

At this point the only way that new things will be coming to the game with any cadence is if the devs actually make good on adding a robust API and mod system and then open up the game for us to build what WE want with it.

If it is as hopeless as you say, are you not wasting your breath with this endless negativity as well?

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I still check in maybe once per week to see if ANY progress has been made on this game. MONTHS have gone by and literally nothing. However, you are 100% correct. If everyone’s wasting their breath asking for stuff them I’m probably wasting my breath telling them not to. Perhaps this is all just an echo chamber for us to vent?

Good ideas y’all :slight_smile:
I definitely think more interactive objects would be awesome!