What new update would you like to have?

Gives you a :cookie:

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The update with a weather machine that at the same time allows Control of the fking Ground fog.
Yes, i am at the Point to be really annoyed by Clouds of Ground fog making me unable to see 2 blocks far and stopping me while i am Building.

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So I’ve not been playing long but realy loving the game I’ve noticed people realy want pvp so how about some form of a pvp beacon where whatever is set in that set beacon is a pvp area I.e. a pvp arena and basically when u die under this beacon there’s no death penalty erm

Also how bout making some form of creative clothing in game like dresses, skirts and tops for the ladies pants and shirts for the men maybe add like a pixels paint so we can customise the clothing and then sell them in our stores which then u could have little mannequins to display the clothing on

Also little tameable/rideable pets sounds ace

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Hi and welcome :wave: I think the tameable creatures would be fantastic too.


besides a text bubble above their heads indicating their typing a message how about one similar to show a player is experiencing lag/unstable connection and not just ignoring them.

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I say add fishing and sea monsters. Nothing like dark shadows lurking beneath the still waters of boundless.

Maybe event boss creatures.


Also add a message and friend request section via beacons. It’s too hard to try and link up with people to organise hand trades and setup lock perms for service orders.
@james :wink:


Uh oh it sounds like Titan are like the magic triceretops from the Pugnacia ARK mod (my fave)–maybe this is a common game boss archetype, ARK is the only game I’ve been able to deep dive into mods enough to start noticing archetypes. Maybe I’ll have rad skillz by the time the Titans show up ;D

re updates:

I want text–like the coin in trading stands–to always stand out from its background, and I would like the compass directions to float high enough to be clear of the indicators for critters oortians builds portals etc along the compass line. My eyes aren’t great but I think these are both hard to see for anybody–unless it’s just b/c I’m on a Mac…

Pets and ships sound delicious too.

Have you tried one of the newish for boons? There’s one for clear weather, I love it no more hazy day blues.

Any updates at all, be they a “blog update” to know how progress is going, or an update to the game.

Though if I had to say something in particular? Fishing, or refinement of existing content.

Well the majority already in other posts:
Chat system working a whole lot better & Smooth. So the default isn’t to go discord for the smallest of things.
Dungeons, Titans, The Hunter.

Proper Forged Item Tooltip - I remember them being much better back when forging was first added… but I could be wrong. But a severe improvement there, I mean it is hard enough already to be a forger… but having to sort the forged items there as well -…-

But what I can think of randomly right now:
Ability to move the ingame menu placements… 37,5" widescreen… the menus all the way to the side… yeah after an hour or two of managing crafting… my poor neck & eyes… let us place menu’s opening location where we want.

Oort-Weather Station… ingame craftable object to place, and it display an animation of sorts when something happening on your planet, or x blinks away… like etc… the cough titans available to warp to. or treature hunt of sort, track down the treasure node. trails in the sky, like from the comets and treature.

or above mentioned weather station… spawns a warp augment for an event planet for a limited time event… treature hunting and then end that planet


Good stuff

mini game elements - some simple interactive stuff (buttons, pressure plates, item dispensers, 1 way doors, traps) and beacon specific settings (grapple / light epic on/off, specific skill page)

NPCs - various races, depending on planet type, they move into beacon and do jobs if requirements are met and if they are treated kindly (housing, food, preferred materials, room to move…)

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  • A known release date and/or progress
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An update to the company policy that brings the devs back to being active. And for them to use some of that Sov money to hire a GM/Community Manager, So we can get regular offical responses and updates while the devs focus on the dev related parts of the game.


They do have at least one community manager.

I…genuinely don’t know why they don’t really interact on here. It makes me anxious, not gonna lie. :pensive:

If they do, then that person has been asleep at the wheel.

As far as I am concerned, A dev is not a Community Manager. A dev is not a GM.

And it seems that everyone who works for boundless, is a Dev or other worker who’s job is to work on th game, If there was a Community manager who’s job was just handling the Community, then there would not be this month long silence.

at this stage I would enjoy any update, even pants :nerd_face: :wink:


I would love hundreds of different textiles that we can apply like a overlay to any block. We could transform our builds into so many different styles. For one example I’m building a underground wrecked spaceship for my factory. I would to be able to skin it with cool futuristic patterns.


When you look at a portal and it loads for it to tell you the cords it leads too