Anyone made a guide for crop/seed farming yet?

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Yes, I had a look at it, but as I said before, at some point my mind just went blank. I think the whole “use-this-block-but-this-block-and-this-block-has-to-be-near-but-at-the-same-time-it-should-not-because-it-will-have-an-opposite-effect-especially-with-combination-XYZ-which-then-again-will-also-have-the-opposite-effect” is just too much for me. Looking at all the instructions, I just feel like I am a retard for not getting it so I feel like I have to stick to copying others. It’s more like an overcomplicated Minecraft farming with Sudoku game-engine. :wink: (and as you might be able to tell from that: Sudoku is not my cup of tea either!) :wink:

I am definitely having a look at your farms as well, thanks. That’s actually next on my list on my next login.

OMG. Your rice farm is… HUMONGOUS! Are you planning to start a new online Boundless Sushi Empire? (not to mention the time that went into that waterfountainfallthingy-construct!).

Apart from that, that’s really as basic as I need it, simply to copy what you have done (sorry and thank you at the same time!). :slight_smile: I can only repeat how stupid I feel reading through the tooltips trying to understand what and what not to put where and why.
Also, and I think that’s another problem, I am not a - let’s call it “pro” player - as some of the materials used for growing that stuff, I have actually never seen. Dark glass I’ve seen before, to date I don’t even know where to get it from. Never heard of Amber before, so need to check what that is and where that’s from. But I feel that’s again something that I probably will never achieve in this game, I am just too casual for that. :smiley:

I like the Juicy Starberry farm, very classy. Is that because it has to be this way or because you wanted to make it look fancy? :smiley:

Very impressive. Thanks for letting me have a look for blatant copying purposes! :slight_smile:

Haha, if I did this with the lava like that, I’d get myself killed on a regular basis.
Is there a difference between the full lava sides and in the middle you’ve got corruption blocks every now and then? Or did you chisel it and I just can’t see it because it’s covered with lava?! :smiley:

But again, this still leaves me with the question: are all farms built on the same principle, despite the different requirements? So still “three rows of block to plant in, surrounded by the ‘near’ block and the liquid” and as a result, my only problem is that I can’t figure out which blocks to use for what?

I love your Starberry farms, very tidy! Do they have to have the space inbetween? Or ist that just for convenience?! :smiley:


Yes, for the starberry to produce effectively, they need blocks of air around them.

And the glossy and juicy need more air than the standard, that’s why they are only every second block.

Did you go all the way down to the underground inorganic farm as well?

The layout we went with was convenience for 3x3 farming.

It’s possible to do many different layouts you can for example put water or lava on the underside of your plant block (which I did with tier 1 of the exotic yams)

Also it comes down the near block requirement, typically there are 3 near blocks, one will be the liquid, the other a block, and the final one usually a soil.

When the near block is different to the sowing block then this will mean changing the layout for example with wheat seeds to max seed.

So I went and made an in-game farming guide since there wasn’t one yet. :slight_smile:


Ayalla / Underminer / Speedhunter


Do you have a cut-through of the Kranut farm? I was going to make one myself, but get stuck on not being sure about the layouts.

Ocfos I can show you a seed max kranut farm example if ya want, on finata.

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Is there a balanced build that can be extended, or is it not possible to get balanced?

All farmables are possible to balance at or just above 100% seed except goo; I’m just running mine seed heavy at the moment until I have enough to cover my fields.

I cant help you at this exact moment with a balanced layout, but I could walk you through the science in PM if you want… Or if you can tell me how many water / amber / iron / tilled plots you need near a single seed to get it to 100% i can run a simulation to give you a layout back… Oh and specify if you plant 3 or 4 wide…

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3 wide, currently. I’m not in game right now, though, so I can’t do anything to figure it out.

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@Ocfos - just FYI, the Farm School has examples of the Max Crop, Max Seed, and Sustain (Balanced) of every crop for you. :slight_smile:

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Are growths lava proof?

Ah yeah, I just wasn’t in game at that time. I’ll definitely check it out, but I’m wondering if I’d be able to stretch it indefinitely to make a bigger farm.

I’m not 100% sure but i don’t think they are

Growth is not fireproof unfortunately which makes goo farming take up an awful lot of space to set up optimally.

If you want to see some goo farm layouts Im happy to show you what I have done. I have one setup for morphing pigments on gleam with maximum seed % possible on gleam and then another ballanced setup on rock for producing the pigments once I have morphed to the desired colour.

Would be good to see your goo farm layout, highest I have got is 88% seed chance. Is 100% possible?

Good plan hiding the lava, i stole the idea :slight_smile: (less burns)

No 100% is not possible unfortunately. Goo farming is an expensive hobby as a result.

In my opinion there (peoples opinions might differ) are 2 setups you should be using:

On Gleam - 90% seed and 65% crop. Using near lava and near growth as modifiers. This is to morph your goo to the colour you desire, and is also a decent setup for getting crops, however it is slow going and takes up a lot of space.

On rock - 80% seed and 220% crop. Using near lava as a modifier. This is the optimal setup for large scale pigment farming and gives the best returns (statistically) per goo Kernel. Random mutations can occur though.

I’m on now if you would like to see my testing setups.

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