Anyone notice these annoying underground shops?

I’ve ran into dozens of these at this point where I travel to a place through walking thousands of meters just to find it’s embedded 100+ blocks underground, go back home to get my mining tools, dig through 10 smart stacks worth of stone all around the build until I finally manage to slip into a half-built section of the place that was exposed to unclaimed stone, then get inside to find out they had a random portal to a portal seekers off planet or some random place like that?

The thing that frustrates me the most about these places is that even compass hubs/TNTminihubs can’t fix these. You can get teleported above the shop and still be out of luck having to dig through an entire mountain and hope they have some tiny section of their place exposed by accident since they didn’t finish the build yet. Does this count as being innaccessible even though there’s technically a portal to it? I’ve even found places that let their portals expire, but now have hundreds of shop stands still showing under the shop scanner. If you build a shop underground, PLEASE make an emergency entrance, and as an added plus, make the entrance in an easy to find place, not hundreds of meters away from the shop stands. It’d really save some headaches.

Sorry for the rant. Just stupidly used up 40 minutes just to buy 900c worth of stuff. xD


My shop is in the trees but I do know of someone who has their place underground that’s a good recommendation


Yeaa they need to learn from Prime and have a portal down from the surface like his shop Fantasy Tree does, great idea that


This would also be a great thing to do as long as it stays fueled. Had a few places that were nice enough to do that, but they went inactive and the portals expired.


I came across one of these. Place was underground with a glass roof - I could see the shop stand I was looking for :weary: they had a portal as the only way in/out. Inactive.


I found one on tana, I had to dig down, I hit the structure, I tryed looking for an entrance, after a few blocks I gave up and went to another place.


I found several of these shops.
I don’t report it because they have a portal leading to somewhere.
If i’m lucky, they would have a sign where the portal would lead you to.

Nowadays I go to a mall first, use the shop scanner (knowledge tab) then find shops that are only few hundred meters away.

This saves you from succumbing to the rage within you :wink:

I only make more effort to find the shop if the shop stand is offering at very very very very good price with a considerable quantity.


True, it is quite annoying.

I have also gotten into shops by digging under the building, going to the sanctum and then bumping my warp to open inside the shop. Saves you the time looking for an entrance. It doesn’t always work, though.

Yup! I hate when this happens.

Thankfully it is rare (in my experience at least)

Going a little OT, but even with shops that are more straightforward, I’ve found myself having trouble finding routes up and down and at least one case even inside because they blend so well - I understand the decor reasons there, BUT a number of stores I’ve shopped in, great ones that I really like otherwise, I didn’t even know they had upper and/or lower levels until I scanned for something and saw it! And even then sometimes had to search a bit before figuring out where it was at. I’d encourage shopkeepers with multiple levels to assess the visibility of the routes, and if any doubt, put up some signs or markings - a shame to lose sales for that!


Yes i do not like them i ran for a long time to get to a shop that was selling teaching pies and found it underground and no way to get to. I was a little frustrated at that point

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As long as it is accessible somehow and not a footfall trap where you cannot get in, then the build is their own to change as they wish just like everyone.

If it was sealed and no way to enter, and no portal, then you could report the beacon so the shop will not show up in the knowledge tab.

But there is no requirement for people to have to change their builds that are not against CoC.

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I share the frustration, i’ve come across way too many shops buried underground (sometimes in the middle of a settlement) with no obvious way inside. If your gonna take the time to build a shop, then please make it assessable to customers who come looking for it.


It’s not worth of digging just to get in a shop to buy something. I would rather collect things that I need that was willing to spend my coins on it than waste my hammers and shovels. Sorry your lost of my coin. Please consider of having a portal open if you want to get my coins. :innocent:


I for one will not put down people who build shops designed to fluster people since I was taught Not to mock the afflicted . On Maryx , Integrity rules .

Is this not at least a grey area? :thinking: These portals could lead to anywhere and the only way to know where they lead is by getting in somehow or by some dumb luck finding the other side. What if the portal only leads to some mine of theirs? You’d never find that portal underground on some planet 15 blinksecs away. At a certain point, having only portals to your build is like setting a password on the door. How hard should a shop be to find a way into before it’s counted as inaccessible enough? Honestly, I say if a shop can be seen in the shop finder, they should be accessible by foot straight to it since the shop finder only gives directions for walking by foot.

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I say just report it (if you can), the devs will decide if it is breaking the rules of being accessible and disable the shop stand visibility to the scanner if its deemed not to be.


I know multiple people whose entire base and shops are full underground builds. So should they have to abandond their work and creativity to make a special entrance that wouldn’t make sense on the off chance someone uses it. No. It’s not our place to say someone shouldn’t build how they want. If it is accesable thru a portal then that is how they travel to and from there as well. It may be a possible inconnvience for random people trying to get in, but it’s a major inconvience demanding someone rebuild to our liking. If it is not a footfall trap and you can get there, then it’s harassment to tell them to change their builds.

Same as being told to move.


Not saying they can’t build however they want, just that it should be reachable if you have shop stand discovery on.


The same thing happened to me, but with sand and request baskets.