Aoe Spanner not working

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I didn’t remember it being a problem so I spend some time forging a couple of spanners with aoe last night to only find they didnt work. Yes an update on it would be very nice. @james maybe you can help.


I can see into the future :dizzy_face: 5th September 2020- My AOE Spanner doesn’t work.


Simply merge Coils with machines for one HP pool then we wont Need AOE spanners.


Why is this such an awesome idea? I dont mind hitting the machine 3-5 times quickly rather than having to move my mouse aaaaaall over the coils on every side of the machine.


This bug is starting to taste like a bad Yoohoo, It has been left open way way way too long and has gone bad.

I think it may be time to start poking with a Branding Iron


This is the best solution yet…common programmers we are all sick of fixing machines one by one…it’s stupid


Ive just plain given up on this one. To date 26 messages about it, or altenative suggestions ave been totally ignored.



What if we just ping a dev daily about this :joy:


I’d definitely say remove them in the forge at least. spanners and fists both can get AOE and have always been broken.
Quality of life fix right here.


I forged a set of sapphire spanners a couple of weeks ago with a lot of durability and AOE before I knew that this was broken. I would have just done only durability if I was aware of this before I forged them haha.

I built a large workshop and I have over 130 power coils so I thought having AOE chisels would have been great haha.


Lets build the holy spanner temple and knock our totems their daily until an aoe spanner is bestowed upon us.


@vdragon can you maybe poke him again ? :joy:
or did we must wait so long like we wait for the c update from oort onlie / boundless


I don’t’ mind if is removed instead of fixed. Least that way people like myself don’t blow the mats making one to find out the hard way. Plus the mats that you waste when you get the AoE boon (once you know it doesn’t work) and have to remove it so something else will go on there.



The warp wraith mustve kidnapped the dev along with the secret to having aoe spanners :joy::joy::joy:.


@RedY3 has spoken! (Idk just continuing the back and forth :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)




What if the connecting “energy beam” was removed and power coils were connected to machines with spark links or something similar?

The power coils might then be able to be combined and repaired in the same manner as spark generators.



or a recipe for Advanced Machines-

Machine + Coils = Advanced Machine


I like that idea too. To me it really just boils down to repairing coils is NOT fun. I see why the mechanic is there but there is no enjoyment gained from the activity.