Aquatopia¸.·´¯·.´¯·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸><(((º>We got water


@sg11133 read this page from the top we still around just aquatopia hasnt been build yet this time it be bigger and better prepared :smile:



I agree with the build group


yeah forgot to put my main choice into the poll :joy:


hey people the HUNT-O-MATIC was a succes and a failure
many people showed up so that part worked perfect but by ack off leader the group dismantled so we recruiting people that can host a hunt once a week everymonth our everyday whatever
so we can send a person that can show people da way to the daily hunts please contact me if ya got any experiece being aqua offcoarse we might build you guys a monument so dont be shy and step up :smile:


AQUATOPIA’s first party @Crete writing historie

third aqua hunt great succes tomorrow US hunt with special guest this time will be posted tomorrow (special guest can be found on the cover off AQUAZINE first issue :wink: )

the aqua ultima crew have been working there butts off so special thanks to them and there epic network
we have set up in the new information center at the embassy hub and there is a place to donate oort to support this great labor off love and the aquatopian public works

never sleeping hash is 90procent sure an updated version will be launched tomorrowz

MAILBOXES: i making a building that will host mailboxes each befriended aquatopian can request one and recieve items when they off line and deposit items when online

cant tell alot but the iron fist is allready creating many minigames in my mind

our good friend @Buugi started a discussion about gem tools state interesting topic join the discussion
Gem tools state

guild boundless mercenarys openend a contract page in our discord where ya can discuss contracts they can fulfill

omnishop going like a train need know where resources are
learn about pricing etc… please check @OmniUno site

nothing todo with aquatopia but special shout out to @Simoyd for his epic work on mapping and playertracking in beta and recent game :grinning:


All new players come to aquatopian embassy on planet beckon and shout wheres the party then we come greet ya with gifts :smile:


you new player need quick help and answers
join our discord and we got ya back


As of 4p(CST) we’ve partied SO hard, People EVERYWHERE! Its awesome:
Things Given Away so far:
894 Soups
316 Iron Hammers
33 Iron Shovels
82 Iron Axes
112 Iron/Copper Grapples

1 Death, from the Tower of Doom… RIP Scotty =(

More to go around, stop on by!! And you could possibly DIE!!! (Awesome right?!?!?!)


i love to die there :smile:


Last week for embassy road competition until sunday
post screenshots to enter competition
winner gets his design immortalized all over aquatopian embassy and we start a massive cleanup off our roads :smile:

Aquatopian road competition free for all(new designs)


am i wright?


HUNT HUNT HUNT hmmm :nerd_face: HUNT 21:00 TODAY 20minutes and we meet-up


Just saying hi after having settled myself near the city on Wednesday. I know things are changing constantly, but is there a vauge map out there somewhere. All the portals made me dizzy and I had a hard time finding my way back to stores I’d been at literally 5 minutes ago :slight_smile:


Welcome to Aquatopia! Here you go buddy. These screenshots were taken by Dune from the top of his pyramid build. This should give you a rough idea. Feel free to stop by and hit me up for help.


thanks to all the epic shops
thanks to the epic ultima aqua hub
thanks to all the people helping noobs in our discord
thanks to all aquatopians
thanks to dev for epic game
thanks to epic builders at embasy
thanks to people joining our hunts

join aqua and recieve loads off thank you’s

thanks to people for reading top off this page before entering the discord :rofl:
and coming soon thank you dev’s for letting us choose our defualt wearable color :grin:


Joined :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :scream:


THANK YOU :rofl:


aquatopian embassy still a no rule city
we accept all mudhuts and sandcastles
please join if ya like to be free to do whatever ya like
ps:if you think your build look better then someone else you should go elsewhere
we all about the flowerpower and equality
dont forget about aquarius read top off post’s

proud to be the las vegas off boundless :rofl:


‘Warped’ LOVES Aquatopia and will continue to support all efforts there. We hope it continues to expand, over-flows with creativity and remains a safe haven for all! ~