Are the 2x8 portal sizes of creative bridges “hurting” creative mode?

Maybe it’s the portal sizes, maybe it’s the difficulty of setting up creative bridges, but I’m not seeing a lot of creative bridges around.

Or maybe people just aren’t that into creative mode?

are there many creative planets ? the first day of planet ordering frenzy it was like 1 in 7 or so.
probably even fewer now as there are more reasons for re rolling a sovereign (apart from terrain also resources, new colors)

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it looks like 73 creative planets currently

982 Sovereign so not even 1 in 7. More like 1 in 13


some are probably re rolls, some are private, some are not yet ready for visitors… that’s what, like 30 creative portals all over the universe ?

Not sure. I am thinking we will probably have a more stable number at the end of October. I know I am re-rolling my creative due to terran/biome issues but I also had The developers terminate the old one.


The most built up one I’ve seen yet was Gob’s - I was hoping to see creative world cities by now tbh

@Stretchious how’s yours coming along?

I think this was reflected in some of the discussion even before the creative planets were released. Time and time again there were players telling other players to just go to creative and the push back was they did not want a fully creative experience. Most players probably do not mind working to get something. They just want it to be available (like a color) or not to take years of grind to accomplish.

I also think there is probably more incentive to have more than one Sovereign for resource gathering. How many creative planets does a single player need when you can have anything you want to build with?


@Stretchious 's build is not a creative build. It is on a sovereign planet.


As @Kal-El says - mine is on a sovereign world. I have never wanted to play on creative to build my city, as Boundless isn’t just a building game to me.


It didn’t stop me from having a creative portal, but it is rather inconvenient that you have to use two plots if you want a floor or ceiling on your portal. Any portal size equal or smaller than 6x6 would have been nice.


Creative is just boring for me. I have millions of blocks, and I want to use those - not creative mode. My plot count is embarrassingly low, just over 1k (coulda sworn I had more) so there goes my dream to build a sovereign city planet =(

Unlimited sovereign plotting could have been a much needed breath of life but ya can’t win em all I guess :joy:

God forbid somebody make a 20,000 plot mall that puts other malls out of business or whatever :roll_eyes: I don’t see how this fear is justified because it ain’t gonna happen.


Have you considered the possibility that not everyone wants to connect to the main universe?


Of course - I’m curious to see what people say

Why, do you have a secret creative? :wink:


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I have not got one yet. I don’t think I’ll have spare money for that until next year lol.

But I realized that there are players that don’t like people to see their builds if it’s not the way they want to, so maybe certain world’s won’t be open until the owner finishes everything he wanted to do.


There are quite a bit of creative bridges in TNT’s Creative Hub.

I do not think it has anything to do with the portal sizes. The conduits are pretty cheap to make. Do not even require power. I think it is more of a combination of creative worlds have infinite plots + free warping into them. Owners/people with access can freely warp to a Creative World at no cost. No need for a conduit. That combined with the plotting thing, it is making most creative worlds “private”. We all saw what happened on Party World. People plotting huge chunks of the world and putting up signs “message for access”. Personally that is the reason I will not make a Creative Bridge outside of my own “private” areas to my world. The only reason I would is if we do a contest on my world.

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Can’t people just set their creative to not allow plotting if they don’t want?

They can, but then what is the point of going to it? If I cannot build it and I cannot gather on it? Why would I want to go? The only out reason is to check out cool builds on the planet and I just do not think a lot of people have had time to make awesome builds they want to showcase in creative. Everyone has been too busy with Survival Sovereigns (and the color-cycling Exo).

From what I have seen, a lot of people have been using Creative worlds as way to plan out build survival builds, so they are strictly a private sandbox to plan out builds in. That is definitely what mine is mostly for.

Yeah I don’t think it’s.been enough time for creative cities. I mean creative makes things easier but it’s not just copy and paste lol.

I’m sure eventually we will see creative places open for public

The only creative spaces I am willing to travel to is @Kal-El ‘s. I can’t really see a reason to go to a creative world to look at random peoples’ builds when its the only reason for the trip. Its a big time investment when someone already has their own projects. Especially when its very new still and they haven’t had the time to make anything spectacular.

I regularly go into the creative world in the main TNT hub area, but that’s just to drop down some unplotted blocks for checking out colors and patterns before I go hunt down materials for a build.