Are the devs working on a update?

If a developer is reading this. Are there any updates in the works?


First, nice to see you post in the forums after a long break!

I’m a developer, just not for Boundless. So let me give some updates:

I worked on several emails for Universal Studios…

Boundless Related: I worked on a little stats website using Node.js, Express.js and some other fun stuff.

All joking aside, there have been numerous posts asking if there are any updates in the works and plain and simple know one knows. If there was an update ideally it would be for the new player experience, such as better tutorials as the learning curve for Boundless can be a little daunting for some.


If I’d be working at Monumental, I’d just add few more block, so players can spend their energy into that… I guess Minecraft does that often.
When there are new block, you “have to” play and use them, see how they look etc.

Imagine if new rocks are introduced. It should not be “that hard”.

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I hate that I cannot correct my typos. I meant “blocks”.
I don’t know what happened.

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Hi Cip!!! Long time no speak!

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I feel like we’ll know once they start working on updates. There will likely be some sort of announcement once they get everything sorted out and decide to finally invest enough resources into starting updates back up for this game. There will be some signs like devs being more active on the forum and some announcements that the transfer is fully finished and possibly one eventually announcing something vague like “we have something in the works” or “big news coming soon”.


I’ve mentioned this before but the base game will most likely always represent 75% or more of the game. If you are bored with the game an update isn’t going to solve your boredom but for a short bit.

However they could very well add so much content we have stuff to do for years…either way the game is as fun as you make it after all it is a sandbox.

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Bold to assume there are any devs working on Boundless whatsoever. There are pleanty of people at Monumental whom, presumably, are working on settling the licensing and ownership of the game. Maybe even an engineer looking at the code and systems of the game trying to make sense of how it all ticks. But developers? Working on Boundless? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but… nah.


There won’t be any development before all legalities and licences are sorted out.

The official news is that we will be informed when they are finished with that process and that assembling a Boundless-dedicated dev team will only happen after that.





The devs are working on an update as much as there are Boundless devs to begin with. In other words, there are no “devs” for Boundless atm and there are no plans to resume development any time soon.


thank god, I was already worried I had to play


you can always mail support at

I thought you guys had all stopped playing? Bit weird to hang about a forum for a game you no longer play!


Nah i did not stop boundless, dont play on the normal servers anymore.
A few of us started our own servers, its very nice to play with just friends.
Took some time to get it working, but it was worth it.

to be fair, there are an awful lot of people who have stopped playing who still peruse the forum - hoping that one day there might be enough communication that would give them a reason to come back. I know this because I have contact with old guild members - from The Shire, long before we set up GELF - but also some from GELF, who stopped playing in the long silence before Monumental bought the game - and I can say the long silence from Monumental doesn’t give them any reasons to come back.


I just don’t understand why you would stop playing a game because the Devs didn’t talk to you every day, if you enjoy the features of the game.


Sadly, none of this is new we have had pretty much radio silence for what? 2 years or more? James started the radio silence and it’s really just continued minus the few posts about the game being picked up by Monumental, some introductions and well Monty donating some money to one of the players new PC (which gave me some hope).

I think there are some deep pockets with Monumental and that is more than obvious with the purchase of Kongregate. In 2017 Kongregate sold for $55 million. I can only imagine the dollar amount spent on it in today’s economy.

All this said, the money is there, the possibility to purchase developers or leverage in-house devs from whatever means Monumental may have access to which I would imagine should be a few is there. What is not there is communication.

I quit for 3 months, and I had very little intentions on coming back and yet I am back and really having a hard fight on wanting to build something large because it could be gone tomorrow, and it was the main reason I quit, it’s hard to commit time to a game that has a questionable future and on top of that, speaking for myself, I love the game… I always will, but when you have an owner that doesn’t express the same love for the game … it does make one question many things. The silence … also doesn’t help.

I tend to agree, play the game or don’t, but I personally find it hard to support a game… monetarily and even mentally at times where the owner’s almost seem to not give a damn.


Like @Eneitgranny says. A lot of people are still on the forums.
Sad is that the forums are more active than the game.

We will be around for most likely all kinds of different reasons… if you like it or not we will be here. It is a public forum. Even people who don’t own the game can sign up and be active on the forums.

If you don’t like what we write then start a discussion or ignore us, simple.


Id beg to differ really … the live server … not including the server or servers Fortunist mentions have a peak of around 75 players … I don’t see 75 typing on the forums.