Art: First look at the containers UI

You should totally see if you can get funding from Sony to do it for morpheus.


I’m pretty sure Oort already has oculus rift support. Correct me if I’m wrong


(Rift is not currently supported, we made a really janky prototype a while back but it was by no means functional :smile: )


Haha that must have been fun. If you guys end up doing it, you have to try to give it the sword art online feel! The tech is still so new though. I don’t expect to see it compatible with many games anytime soon. I do think it would be incredible in Oort. Being able to look around peoples creations.


Yeah i definately like the detailed one.

UI is something many people greatly like to costumize, so i think the plain would be fine if you could allow people to decide the color, for example if you make the bordered and then allow people to pick a border color and background color using an RGB scale

Im not sure how hard it is to make though, but i think you dont need to make highly complex bars if there is a bit of way to costumize it, be it allowing this type of color or predetermined, just a thought though :smile:

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Not sure giving players control over GUI colour adds that much – plus it makes it difficult to use colour for states (red = damage/bad, green = heal etc). If you can arbitrarily change colour, it no longer has any meaning.


This gave me an idea for mo’pig. How about we keep it around as chest. mo’piggy bank :smile:


I meant for hotbar slots, i tried to make an example (sorry its bad, im in no way an artist xD)

personal preference of color choice

or maybe something more ‘‘oort like’’

all i have done is to take what you posted and recolor it using paint, and yet to me atleast they feel like completely different UI.

Some people prefer ui of different colors and it does mean alot to some people, one of the coolest thing i have seen in UI was in ESO where you could change the color of your chat channels to anything you wanted, it might seem stupid but it was such a neat feature (but mainly because there were multiple guilds)

Personally its something i love fiddling around with, if it is too much work to implement then i understand, but i think its something that alot of developers underestimate, which is why in any game where you can have addons, there will be hundreds just for hotbar :smile:

but in the end it was just a suggestion that might make simpler UI more interesting with little developement cost (i think) its just hard to figure it out since i have no background in game developement so i have no clue how much time something takes XD

or the Steam VR :wink:


You just gave me the thought that the hotbar (which btw, i love the monotextured) could also be used as a health bar. Each slot is a health meter, so like it could be (slightly) tinted green on full health and then at low health (1 slot) the one slot is slightly red and the rest are gray.

Don’t know how well that would work, but it could clear the screen up and be very minimalistic.

Thought it would look terrible on second thought so I tried it out, and actually surprised at how it looks.


I like it, but I also find it would be a bit difficult to look at and [Edit Here: Mentally) register your health in the heat of the moment.


I think that is a very clever idea! Like EliteCynder said, it would be kind of difficult to keep an eye on your health. This would make a really nifty mod or an optional feature in the game, but I would not want this as my primary way of tracking my health.

As for the UI, I really like the monotexture. I think it would look nice if we used the monotexture UI, but have the item your are using be highlighted with the detailed UI graphics.


Sword Oort Online*


Oort art online.


How about cooking with spices? :wink:

Not sure if I understood that correctly:
Does this:

mean this?

Will “vacuuming” be the only way to split stacks of items or will we also get the “standard” shift+rightclick way of splitting?


From the sound of it that graphic is 1/2 right
It sounds like hitting the button will swap the front window for the back one
Holding the button will hold the windows side by side and releasing it will complete the swap
in the contest of your graphic the furnace moves up from the back while the button is held then it would move to the front when the button is released

Thanks for the info but doesn’t this sound a little bit impractical?
I think the “side-by-side” view and the “swapping” should be independent actions. For example using ALT for the “side-by-side” view and the mouse wheel for the swapping.

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Agreed, having to hold a button to have it stay side by side is very impractical, but remember that its not sure its like that, it was just a qualified guess he made :smile:

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