Art: 'Pipes' and Engines

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Initially these were supposed to be called ‘pipes’ but the name is likely to change as it functions as more of a cable. ‘Pipes’ will attach the power cores to the engines.



Quite liking the concept of number 4 connecting to number 11 in the first pic. Gives it a ‘mystical’ energy type feel!

and I like … hmmm now which ones do I like most out of the engines … I prefer number 1 I think, followed by number 4 and 3

Excellent work - looking forward to seeing more! :smiley:

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I think 5 and 7 would be cool

Pipes, 3 and 5
Engines 2 and 5,

Looking good,

I like

  • pipe 8 for its simplicity.
  • pipe 9 for its sci-fi look.
  • pipe 11 because it has a really B< feeling to it.

And engine 5 all the way :heart_eyes:

Someone gonna bother making a poll? I´m afraid that mine might bug again :sweat_smile:

As far as engines, I like the look of 1. However, I think replacing the very tops of the terminals sticking out of the top with a crystal piece like on 4 & 7 would be a nice looking tweak.

On “pipes,” maybe calling them conduits or transfer nodes? On the dark bar, 3 then 2 for top choices. 4 is not too bad. 5 could be neat as well depending on execution.

One thing I personally would like seeing is having the end pieces show only on the beginning and end of a “run” of them.

I do like the look f the central block on 1, and could see this used as a redirect module to bend a run around as corner or some such thing.

But how do they sound? “Fizzle”


Initially I put ‘razzle dazzle’ but then a quick check at urban dictionary states that that means something sexual. So I retracted my decision.


Too scared to make poll myself :smiley:

We were thinking names like ‘conduit’. Didn’t settle yet as we don’t know its full function. And I think we are going for having the ‘pipe’ meshes to be merge-able, and with the end pieces only at the end of the run. Also, corner meshes will most likely be in place like 1 to branch in any direction.

Definitely loving 4, 5 and 2 in the pipes. Not only do they look great but I can see a lot of potential just using them for fine detail in walls and statues I don’t know if you can place them on something other than a machine but you should definitly consider making it a thing

I like 4/11 pretty much, very unique :slight_smile: 1 looks more like a plug and much too big for a “cable”. Don’t like 1 at all as a cable o.o

Engine 1

Well I´ll give it a try.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

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  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7

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2,3 and 5 look more like different tiers/strenghts of conduits/cables.


i love #1 pipe sooo much and i love the #6 engine sooo much



My vote!

i can only see 5 pipes am i missing something?

I like the #4 cable. It feels like it would be the easiest to work with and would look awesome. Out of the engines I liked #3 and #4, but I would prefer the engine shown in #11 much more.

the #5 pipe is SO AWESOME!
I just imagine connecting it up and a bunch of glowing tentacles growing across the room!
they can writhe around as power runs through them
faster writhing = more power

I also like #4 but I feel it is too similar in concept to redstone
while #1 looks like redstone used to look like back in alpha/beta

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really good work I like them most also the glowing would be cool to see in those dark nights

They all look amazing. Could we all of them with different abilities?