Art: 'Pipes' and Engines

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Is there any time soon where we’ll get the developers intents for machinery and the like, so we can debate/discuss it as a community?

I especially love the pipe concept 4 … love those flying stones ^^ … but the cubes (2) are also cool.

for the engines I would love to take the Nr 4, but 1 and 7 are also quite nice :wink:

Power core #7 with Pipe #4 would be the best combination in my opinion.

@devs, @james: maye you can answer some questions i already asked in the power core topic (where i don’t got any anwers)

this question is done … we use pipes right ? can they be used for long distances ?

last but not least … before i can vote for engines i like to know what the do ?! … are they for the workbanches ? or do they work indivually ?

I assume you can use them for however long you want if you have the materials. Probably need to wait for a designer to tell you for sure though. @ben said he’ll get to writing up a master post about them eventually.


Checking your first post again I have to say that I liked your first concept of “real physical” pipes a lot more than this “energy beam” concept.


Why not use them for stuff that can actually flow through said pipes?


Those ones are more proper pipes than the proposed ‘conduits’.

Would be good to get some sort of liquid transfer so we can use those ones too! Machines everywhere! ^^